Khonoma is a lush and prosperous land isolated from the other countries of Amaranthia by the massive Rehkheb Mountains. pot of diversity and culture. Humans and Halflings are found in equal numbers, often living in the same communities. Other races are less common, the most numerous being the Sy-tel-quessir, or Wild Elves of the northern jungle.

Capital City: Naidanda
Government: Animist Democracy
Ruled by: A Consortium of Spirits, collectively referred to as the Roh Baraza.

The Khonomans have no belief in cosmic deities, instead they venerate a multitude of spirits who weave into the fabric of their everyday existence. Reverence of the God Obad-Hai, imported centuries ago by Clerics from distant shores, has also found and sustained a place into the hearts of many among the populace, though he is thought of as a powerful Nature spirit rather than a God.

Khonoma is an Animist Democracy, where mortal leaders are nominated by popular election. The candidate is then judged by a consortium of spirits called the Roh Baraza, and if found acceptable, is granted the title Khedive. While there are currently 21 in the country today, there is no fixed number of Khedive in Khonoman society. There have been as few as 3 and as many as 72 at one time in the country’s long history. On Soleria-4, their numbers include Kiso Mngani.

Although the Roh Baraza are considered non-interventionalist during day to day life, they do require appeasement and respect, and have been known to bear their great might against enemies, domestic or foreign. Chiefly, however, their will is enforced by the Bu’ade. While most Khonomans honor and revere these watchful spirits, some of the younger generation called the Maadi question why they must be looked over by a spiritual ruling class, and yearn to be truly free.

Khonoma is divided into three Geographic regions:
The Northern Jungle
Jua Nyasi, The Central Savanna
The Southern Peninsula


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