Constructs are either animated objects, or any artificially constructed creature.

Most construct are mindless automatons, obeying their creator’s commands absolutely, which makes them unbribable and absolutely trustworthy, although some of them are very literal-minded about the execution of their duties, obeying orders to the letter without any concern for their intent. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Certain constructs, such as Jaleh and Chaim, are every bit as intelligent as mortal creatures.

On some planes, constructs seem to occur naturally.


The most common type of humanoid constructs, golems are large, humanoid forms assembled mostly from a single form of base matter, such as clay or iron, and animated by an earth elemental. Known for their strength and durability, most golems are designed for labor and combat purposes. Golems typically are not intelligent, operating solely under the orders.

The Dancing Golems

The famed Khaymeshab Bazi Theatre is a unique puppet theater, enacting performances with elaborate golems controlled from behind the scenes.


Chaim is a unique golem-like construct, animated by the spirit of a mortal being.

Living Constructs

Beings that mimic the full functionality of life through mechanical means, living constructs are incredibly rare on Soleira and the means of their construction are little known. Some may be naturally occurring, though under circumstances vastly different from biological life.

Encountered examples include the Warforged and the Adav Nejmakohn.

Other Humanoid Constructs


Combat-optimized constructs, nimblewrights such as Jaleh are fast, dextrous warriors powered by a water elemental. Nimblewrights are highly intelligent and seemingly capable of a full range of emotions.

Non-Humanoid Constructs

Created for a vast array of purposes, from combat to construction, constructs come in an endless range of designs.

Clockwork Horrors

The Party encountered hordes of these insectoid constructs in Zarjasz Al-Ulaq.


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