Tag: Groups


  • Agents of the Cobalt Crown

    Assassins clad in black robes and silver masks, the PCs defeated a group of these in Sefet with the aid of [[:lydra-geb | Lydra Geb]] and [[:ramal | Ramal]]. They are servants of [[The Cobalt Crown]] and [[:azu-makeen | Azu-Makeen]] and were once allies …

  • Ushtarak

    A [[Zythu]] tribe who wander the [[Sheel Khali Desert]]. Tribe of [[:cressida-shesel | Cressida Shesel]] on Soleira-2. On Soleria-Prime, where there is no known Cressida-equivalent, the tribe's leader, [[:fusthid]] was challenged and defeated by [[: …

  • Bu'ade

    A [[Khonoma | Khonoman]] law-enforcement in support of the [[Roh Baraza]] (Spirit Consortium) and the [[Khedive]]. [[:abbet-bhujem | Abbet Bhujem]] was a Wakili—a mid-ranked agent—of the Bu'ade.

  • Khedive

    The elected leadership of [[Khonoma]]. Though the word "khedive" translates into Common as "Elder," advanced age is not a requirement, rather the Khedive are chosen for their wisdom and power. Their persons are typically protected by the Heshima—honor …

  • Order of the Silver Sun

    A militant order of [[Pelor]], the Order of the Silver Sun is charged with hunting down Undead and other transgressors who violate the [[Samsara]]. [[:sartaj-bharatra | Sartaj Bharatra]] is a member of this order.

  • Imrebat

    A [[Raqaejah | Raqaejahn]] military division of disciplined War Mages, specializing in mass destruction.

  • Ancillae

    Servants of the [[Ordo Clavis]]. They are magically-created humans, all created in the same mold based on an unknown source individual. They are powerful warriors with innate anti-magic abilities and typically serve as bodyguards. "Ancilla" means " …

  • Ordo Clavis

    A mysterious organization, possibly the creators of the [[:glass-artifact]]. They owned and maintained [[Al-Mhuqtebel | Al-Mhuqtebel]], a laboratory where The Party arrived upon completing their journey as driven by the Artifact. If the attitude projected …

  • Delishea Djieda

    A mercantile shipping company, run by [[:igneen-faheed]] of [[Sefet]]. One of their ships [[Session 13 | unwittingly brought]] a magically augmented [[Septicemic Plague]] to [[Mazooz]]; the crew of that ship was imprisoned despite their apparent …

  • The Cobalt Crown

    A major crime syndicate operating in [[Sefet]] and [[Haruka]], controlled by [[:azu-makeen | Azu-Makeen]].

  • Black Phoenix Syndicate

    A notorious crime syndicate who control eastern [[Sefet]], started roughly a century ago by [[:the-burned-crow]]. Their chief interests are the import and export of rare, Harukan goods and controlling a network of underground arenas and tournaments.

  • Al Haddid Jalut

    A secretive guild of mostly [[Terashal]] treasure hunters and artifact dealers operating on the black market. They are primarily interested in the acquisition of lost knowledge, embracing the natural inquisitiveness of the Terashal. Their secretive …

  • Ar Saoirse

    A powerful and militant [[Danu | Danuvian]] group of freedom fighters, who have set up shop in [[Sefet]].

  • The Grey Face

    A mysterious organization operating in [[Sefet]] and possibly beyond, referred to more fully as The Grey Face of Yuggoloth. This organization was probably headed by *Yhe’Ghutholsin*, the

    Order of the Golden Sun

    An [[Itwaar | Itwaari]] law enforcement agency. Occasionally they act as diplomats and investigators abroad when domestic security issues spill into friendly boarders. [[:lyr]] led an investigation as part of this organization into the disappearance of …

  • Company of the Iron Wolf

    The pirate fleet led by the Dread Pirate [[:chalazias]]. One of the largest fleets on the seas, it is a major threat to shipping between Amaranthia and continents to the south. Their lack of a significant land-based backing is the primary restriction to …

  • Feshtarken

    A tribe of [[Zythu]] who—after a being defeated by the [[Oma'razef]] tribe—have taken the unusual path of a life at sea. The Zythu's nomadic way of life adapted well to the sea for a time, until they were defeated by the [[Company of the Iron Wolf]]. …

  • Falmohib

    [[Anari]] who have forsaken [[Al-Carad Anar]] and the ways of their people. They are said to possess dark magical powers, and are particularly known for their ability to change their visage. Unlike most Anari, the Falmohib do not hide their bodies …

  • The High Host

    [[Halbiru]] warriors who sought to use the power of the [[Pure Breath]] to destroy the Infernals of the Lower Planes whilst they distracted themselves with [[The Blood War]]. When [[Bahamut]] refused on the grounds that such a level of power should not …