Tag: Genasi


  • Fazia Shula

    Fazia Shula is a young noblewoman of high standing from an enormously wealthy [[Genasi | Fire Genasi]] [[Shula (Family) | family]]. She is said to have been a rude and selfish child, and violently cruel to those at court. She quickly earned a reputation …

  • Sanjay Ére

    Father to Indira Ére and—on [[Parallel Universe | Soleria-5]] at least—an associate of [[:dinesh-jayendra | Dinesh Jayendra]]. When Indira was eight years old, he was trapped in a lamp another family of Air Genasi.

  • Jalal Ére

    A magician, alchemist, and arcane theorist, Jalal Ére's relentless search for the [[Ruby Mountain Scroll]] ultimately led him to treasonous acts, for which he framed his son [[:sanjay-ere]], which led to the fall and imprisonment of [[Ere (family) | House …

  • Bennura

    A Dao Genasi smith and Engineer, born nearly a thousand years ago. He was chief architect of [[Zarjasz Al-Ulaq | Zarjasz Al-Ulaq]] and the creator of the [[:karabelataniec]]. Contrary to rumors, he does not still live, at least not in a traditional …