Tag: Countries


  • Raqaejah

    [[Raqaejah]] is a melting pot of diversity and culture. Humans are by far the most common race found in Raqaejah, though other races find the country largely egalitarian. Capital City: [[Akkarid]] Government: Monarchy Ruled by: [[:omek-afsari | …

  • Khonoma

    Khonoma is a lush and prosperous land isolated from the other countries of Amaranthia by the massive [[Rehkheb Mountains]]. pot of diversity and culture. Humans and Halflings are found in equal numbers, often living in the same communities. Other races …

  • Itwaar

    One of the five major nations of [[Amaranthia]], Itwaar occupies the Northeast corner of the continent, bordered by [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]] to the south and by [[Zameen]] to the West. At the present, Itwaar holds dominion over Zameen, following a …

  • Zameen

    One of the great nations of [[Amaranthia | Amaranthia]], at times dominated by [[Itwaar | Itwaar]]. It lies to the North of [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]] and between Itwaar and [[Melabet]]. Following the [[Spring of Ash]], Zameen has been a territory of …

  • Melabet

    One of the countries of [[Amaranthia]], but only in a geographical sense. Melabet is largely—if not entirely—uninhabited and has a dire reputation as a place of no return.

  • Jannat Aqul

    A massive, walled, [[Amaranthia | Amaranthine]] city-state on the mountainous border between [[Raqaejah]] and [[Melabet]], which maintains little relation with the world beyond its walls.

  • Thaumeris

    An aggressively expansionist kingdom comprised of forty two islands and large atolls to the southwest of [[Amaranthia]]. Feared for their seafaring and magical prowess. Ruled by the Archmage-King Volos Svarog.

  • Lestoue

    Historically, the greatest political power on [[Rastahl]]. Once ruled by Queen [[:claudia-lestoue]], who is now Provost of [[The Great Library of Akkarid]].