The Nameless Philosopher

An Ancient Scholar and Former Frostborn


A Kenku who became immortal. He holds in his mind the secrets of perfection of form, more commonly known as the Magnum Opus in the Sigilic tongue, or The Philosopher’s Stone in the common tongue of Amaranthia.

These secrets cannot be understood by nearly any other sentient being, and cannot be written in any language or replicated in any medium, even by recording the speaker’s voice. The secrets are not stagnant, and change each moment. Because of this, the Nameless Philosopher himself is sometimes described incorrectly as being the actual Philosopher’s Stone.

The Namless Philosopher was said to be a Frostborn who destroyed the Fireborn of his generation, somehow without killing her, and gained her power. It is implied that he then became something else entirely.

The Nameless Philosopher was the teacher of Renweld Fefnir, Bennura, and Umaran Comashio. The philosopher showed them many wondrous things, but never the gift of eternal life. He was betrayed be Renweld and Umaran. His two students reduced him to a semi-living state, and extracted the secrets of the Al-Iksir from him.

When Bennura discovered this, he became afraid that the discovery of Al-Iksir would transform the conflict between Itwaar and Amaranthia into all-out war as both sides raced for its power. Horrified at what had become of his master at the hand of his former students, he sank Zarjasz Al-Ulaq into the ground for over 900 years. Renweld and Umaran escaped empty handed but blessed with eternal life. Cashara was somehow caught outside, possibly used as a hostage to facilitate the escape of the two turncoats from the sinking temple-fortress.

Currently, only the head of the Namless Philosopher remains, a skull dipped in pure gold. The rest of his body was apparently destroyed. While capable of speech and apparently lucid, his social mannerisms are odd and his remaining sanity is suspect. Renweld and Umaran left him in his present condition; the enchantments preserving his mind in his skull also compel him to answer questions truthfully. Though he rebels against this magic by rarely providing straight-forward answers and answering unasked questions, he was nonetheless forthcoming enough to give his treacherous pupils the information needed to create the Al-Iksir they prolonged their lives with.

In Session 49, The Party learned that, by purifying himself until he became an elemental entity, he was able to reach Ruby Mountain. There, he “saw the face of Bahamut,” fraying much of his sanity but gaining great wisdom. He returned not only with the understanding of The Philosopher’s Stone, but also with the prophecy of The Void Song, given to him by Bahamut himself.

He insists he be referred to only as “The Nameless Philosopher,” ignoring even “Nameless Philosopher” if he is feeling petty. His name is lost, even to him.

The Nameless Philosopher

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