Mysterious Resident of Zarjasz al-Ulaq


An incorporeal entity encountered in Zarjasz al-Ulaq. It appears to be a dao genasi man in his late middle years, with chiseled features, thick lips and bronzed skin. Its eyes are like cut geodes, dark with sparkling irises. It wears white robes trimmed with red and gold, and carries a polished brass staff ending in an abstract knot. Atop its head rests the Sekhemti of a high priest of Bahamut.

The party later learned that it is the wisdom of Bennura given form, intended to help assure the proper operation of Zarjasz al-Ulaq. It lacks emotion, including any desire for self preservation, existing only to assist. The Nameless Philosopher has confirmed that it seems to be only what it claims.

It demonstrated limited ability to interact with the physical world when it assisted Sehera with the Karabelataniec, but was only able to interact with the blade as part of the ritual. Whether this means that it has more abilities that it has not shown, or if this was merely a quirk of it interacting with unique, Bennura-crafted magics remains unknown.


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