Kiso Mngani

A Khonoman Elder


First encountered in Session 04, Kiso is a respected Khedive—Elder—despite his relatively young age. On his way to Nycaro for peace talks with the Maasi, his Heshima—Honor Guard—Mikelebasah Ulehte betrayed him.

He was rescued by The Party and Abbet Bhujem and “collected.”

He has the same unusual eyes as Lydra Geb and Ramal, which he claims to have received in an encounter with Noor Bharatra. He also mentioned sending a spirit ally, Takatifu, to accompany Noor in her journey out of Khonoma.

After separating from The Party in Akkarid, he and Maisha plan to return to Kohonma, accompanied by Marid al-Husam.

Kiso Mngani

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