The Dread Pirate


The master of the Company of the Iron Wolf was once an adventurer, whose name translates to Quartz and is said to have played a role in averting a major catastrophe a decade ago. The years have not been kind to his emotional state, but he has grown significantly in strength and power, unquestionably earning his title of Dread Pirate.

He is a massive man with long, white blond hair and a pair of hands made of living quartz. He has an affinity with wolves and has used them as the dominant visual motif for his flagship, the Sidero Lykos.

He is driven by a fanatical hatred of orcs. He kidnapped the Effulgent One in hopes of using her power to revive those slain by an orcish horde in Rastahl and building a new, orc-free nation there.

As an adventurer, he was accompanied by a black wolf called Pringle, a peculiar beast with the ability to transform his body into solid iron. After he became locked into this form, Chalazias kept Pringle by his side for years, hoping to find a way to revive his companion. Pringle had a peculiar reaction to Sehera Tarzi and revived at her touch; his reaction to her proved to Chalazias that the Zythu should be spared of his hatred for orcs.

The Party has learned that Syla Dhalnios is his biological mother, though she did not raise him. She has said that his life has been one of great and frequent tragedy…


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