Zarjasz Al-Ulaq

A legendary fortress swallowed by the sands of the Sheel Khali Desert over 900 years ago.

It was the fortress-temple of an militant order of Bahamut, designed to house important religious artifacts. Most of these items were held only for a few centuries, though some say that one significant artifact—possibly a focal point of a near-war between Itwaar and Raqaejah—remains to this day.

It was created by the Dao Genasi engineer Bennura, who is thought to inhabit the structure to this day.

Al Haddid Jalut has discovered that the fortress-temple is lost because it is mobile; it travels underground like The Majnoon does through the water. Its route apparently follows a regular pattern, tracing an immense mandala. Allegedly, Al Haddid Jalut has been able to temporarily halt its motion, but have been unable to penetrate the fortress-temple’s magical defenses.

They plan on using the Khatam Mahib Ghaza to raise and enter it, along with several other interested parties, who have all signed a contract regarding their intentions for the ancient structure.

After the signatories of the contract destroyed the remnants of Bennura, found the skull of The Nameless Philospher and the Cintanami, and unbound the duplicate karbalitaniec, Asha Druj shifted the entire structure into a pocket dimension, to study it at her leisure and privacy.

The Interior of Zarjasz al-Ulaq


When surfaced, the massive temple-fortress only projects a portion of itself above ground, a squat, domed tower. The Party has only seen the massive entry door and a descending staircase.

Floor Zero

The Party passed into a massive domed chamber, overlooked by statues of the holy musushu and an Eye of Bahamut. This sculpture was actually a defensive construct, part of a trap that sent The Party and others of the expedition tumbling down into the next floor.

Floor -1

A maze of unadorned rooms and short corridors, swarming with insectoid constructs. The Party and Syla Dhalnios destroyed a magical furnace that was manufacturing these constructs. The purpose of this floor is unknown.

Floor -2

Descending to the next floor, The Party found a catacomb, guarded by golems. The nature and identity of the entombed remains unknown.

Floor -5

A “safe” floor, where The Guardian of Zarjasz al-Ulaq could not go. It appeared to have been living quarters, and contains the mural depicting the prophecy of the Void Song.

Floor -6

The location of Bennura’s forge, for centuries it was also the prison of an Adav Nejmakohn.

Floor -9

The Engine Room, a massive, “frictionless” chamber containing a double-pendulum, a perpetual motion generator that powered the entire complex.

Floor -10

The location of the The Dread Reliquary, the mortal remains of Bennura. Beneath this floor is a small chamber, containing an experimental long-range teleportation device.

Zarjasz Al-Ulaq

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