The Inevitable

Intelligent constructs, The Inevitable are the native inhabitants of Nirvana. They embody various aspects of pure law and ruthlessly pursue transgressors.


The Marut represent the inevitability of death. They doggedly pursue those who seek to unnaturally prolong their existence, rendering them the most feared of The Inevitable.

Like most denizens of Marut, they resemble constructs—in this case massive statues of dark stone with gold armor.

The Party encountered a group of Marut in the company of Al Haddid Jalut, who had signed The Contract in order to confirm the death of Bennura, or should he still be alive, to kill him.


The Kolyarut are arbiters and enforcers of contracts; they are occasionally called upon to oversee the drafting, signing, and arbitration of important contracts.

The Party encountered one Kolyarut, Efarmostis Berit, who the drafted contract between Al-Haddid Jalut and other interested parties to investigate Zarjasz Al-Ulaq. It warned the party that a group of Marut were a risk to break the contract and attack the other parties,.

The Inevitable

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