The Contract

In order to maintain a peaceful and productive investigation of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq, Al Haddid Jalut obtained the services of Efarmostis Berit to draft a contract on Multiversal Common Script Parchment between the various parties investigating the ancient structure.

All signed parties agree of their own volition to be bound by its authority. It acts to clearly outline the objectives of each member of the expedition party into Zarjasz Al-Ulaq to curtail deception, collusion, or betrayal during the mission. Each signing party states a specific goal that no other party may lay claim to without their explicit written consent. Violating the contract carries stiff penalties ranging from forfeiture of all claim all the way to death. It is unclear if the contract itself has any method of enforcing its will, of if Efarmostis is solely responsible for meting out punishment.

The contract covers all interactions before and during the expedition, until a point one week after the dig after, presumably, everybody has a head start.

The current claims of the signees are:

The contract was also contained an adendum to allow Dendera Seth to re-join Al-Haddid Jalut on the condition that she utilize the Khatam Mahib Ghaza as the group wishes.

A separate Rider Contract was also signed by Sehera and Indira to assist Efarmostis if needed to stop the Marut should they attempt to destroy the Philosopher’s Stone, or its equivalent.

The Two Wishes

Dendera Seth has a greed to use the Khatam Mahib Ghaza to make the following wishes, in the following wording:

“I wish for Zarjasz Al-Ulaq to safely arise to its normal position at ground level.”

Followed immediately by:

“I wish for Zarjasz Al-Ulaq to remain safely accessible at ground level to all who wish to enter it.”


All conditions of the Contract were met. Lyr obtained the Cintamani, Sehera bound the duplicate Karabelataniec to herself, the remnants of Bennura were destroyed, and the philosopher’s stone was found, in a sense, in the form of the skull of The Nameless Philosopher. Upon the signatories evacuation of Zarjasz al-Ulaq, Asha Druj shifted the entire fortress into a pocket dimension to study at her leisure and privacy.

The signatories now wait for the week long grace period to expire peacefully…

The Contract

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