Septicemic Plague

Widely known as the Red Death, this virulent disease is widely feared, despite its rarity compared to the bubonic or pneumonic plagues.

The disease is spread through contact with infected bodily fluids, causing fever, abdominal pain, painful swelling, and a pox-like rash within a matter of hours. As the infection advances, the blood begins to clot, resulting in necrosis of extremities and, eventually organ failure and a painful, messy death. If not treated quickly with strong medication or magic, the disease results in a 99% mortality rate after twenty-four hours.

Infections of the Red Death rarely expand beyond their initial zone of outbreak due the extreme rate of mortality; it may wipe out an entire village within the span of a few days but the severity of its symptoms prevent vectors from bringing the disease to other areas.

Additionally, as the method of contraction is widely understood among medical circles, the spread of the disease can typically be abated by careful handling of sufferers and the deceased.

It may also be transmitted through rodent or insect bites, though the dry climate of Raqaejah curbs the population of such vectors.

When The Party visited Mazooz, it was struck by an unusual strain of the plague that initially appeared to have no normal vector and was dramatically more virulent among Humans than non-Humans. It was discovered that it was being spread through necromanticly-controlled fleas, brought in a shipment of carpets from Sefet by the Delishea Djieda shipping company.

The party discovered that a mysterious staff in the possession of Ameen Makara, which was being used to control and exacerbate the disease.

Septicemic Plague

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