A small continent located south of Amaranthia. It is divided up into several smaller countries, with a striking range of climate and population diversity. It has a long history of wars and strife.

The Regions of Rastahl

Rastahl is traditionally divided into numerous small nations, several of which are heavily divided by race.

Dalreese – A wealthy nation and home to several ancient families of High-Elven lineage.

Henslyn – Home to a younger population of forward-thinking High-Elves.

Lokir, Naveen, and Sarlit – Three provinces which together formed the Kingdom of Lestoue — Long the dominant political force in Rastahl.

Loar Gaen – Home to the introverted Wood Elves.

Spirecrown Foothills — Home to a large portion of Rastahl’s dwarf population.

Spirecrown Mountains — Home to giants and other fierce creatures.

Survel — Home to tribes of orcs, who live in uneasy, frequently broken peace with their neighboring kingdoms. Its relative isolation prevents it from being a threat to the peace of Rastahl.

The Rise and Fall of the United Kingdom of Rastahl

After an epic series of events, Queen Claudia Lestoue returned to returned to her kingdom and discovered that a dimensional tear in the Reilien Plains was growing at an accelerated rate. This tear devestated the land of the Wood Elves and continued to expand, sending political, economic, and social shockwaves across Rastahl.

Panicked former members of the Retainers, supporters of Amarie Diaem-Alquon, an enemy of the queen, rebranded themselves as the Children of Robert and accused the queen of being responsible for the calamity. They chose a war hero named Priebus Leroux as their leader and pushed the nation into a civil war.

During this conflict, an unusually long (thirty-three days) Bhuaugergosh’Un saw an orcish horde ravage the Dwarves and Elves neighboring Survel, who had already suffered significant disruption from the Reilien Tear. Public shock at this conflict allowed Claudia Lestoue to bring the civil war to an armistice, as the people sought leadership in the face of fear of the orcs and the still-expanding Tear.

The Queen’s first action was to seek help from the Ordo Clavis in sealing the rift. Then, she sought a diplomatic end to the orcish horde. She Obtained the aid of Baro Ulthirst, a stoic visionary amongst the Orcish people, and his young but increasingly accepted ward named Heshbale, who is the chosen of Gruumsh. Together, with the aid of the High-Elf Cytile Shafera, they were able to end the Orcish hostilities from the inside by inciting an Orcish revolution to overthrow the dangerously fundamentalist warmongering society. It is said to have been replaced with an equally militaristic dictatorship, however most importantly they have become a non-expansionist society.

Rastahl, battered by numerous conflicts over the recent years, was fragile and in dire need of leadership. Into this vacuum stepped the Claudia and her husband, King Barlan. The continent was unified into a single Kingdom, with the former countries becoming semi-autonomous Principalities under the crown of Lestoue. Thus was born the United Kingdom of Rastahl.

As Rastahl dealt with its political strife, the Ordo Clavis studied the Reilien Tear for nearly ten years, ultimately closing it in the span of one afternoon and abruptly leaving Rastahl.

Though the new, united government of Rastahl worked to bring about recover, the Children of Robert continued to contest Claudia Lestoue’s reign, sowing seeds of discord and exercising their veto power—a condition of their armistice—to strike down many of the Queen’s decrees.

Eventually, the two parties—The Blue Party, the supporters of the Queen, and the Red Party the Children of Robert and their allies—decided to work together to form a representative government, loosely inspired by that of Khonoma.

In the first general election, the Red Party narrowly beat the Blue, and the Kingdom of Rastahl was dissolved and reformed as the United Commonwealth of Rastahl.

One of the first actions of the Red Parliment was to place the Lestoue family on trial for treason against the state. Fearing a show trial, Claudia Lestoue and her family fled to Raqaejah. Rastahl has largely turned inward in the past years, seeking to recover from their long troubles. It is unknown to The Party how successful the new government has been at this task.


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