Quest Log

In the course of their travels, The Party has encountered a variety of things that bear closer investigation and has discovered many things that must be done:

Active Quests

The Void Song

The Party has encountered a doomsday prophecy involving Nessisus and Anansi. What’s up with that?

Anansi has abducted(?) Nessisus for unknown purposes.

The Effulgent One

The party has rescued the Effulgent One.

The Tenrashinban

Fazia Shula has given the party the Tenrashinban, a compass-like artifact that can bind The Four Cardinal Spirits and channel their power to create a flying ship. Hasan used a wish of the Khatam Mahib Ghaza to gain the ability to the trap the cardinal spirits in the compass. They have imprisoned the Blue Dragon Spirit of the East Wind, Azu-Makeen, and the Red Phoenix Spirit of the South.

  • Bind the power of Byakko, the White Tiger Spirit of the West.
  • Bind the power of Genbu the Black Tortoise Spirit of the North.
  • Incorporate the Tenrashinban into the reconstructed Mashkhet.
  • Fly around on an airship like a boss.

The Ordo Clavis

The mysterious Ordo Clavis, an organization dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge, was behind The Party’s experience with the Glass Artifact. They are a formally neutral group dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, a task they undertake without significant regard to morality…

Asha Druj created a splinter group of the Ordo Clavis, the Sodalitas Comperio, that created the Glass Artifacts with the aid of Jalal Ére

  • The Ordo Clavis has been gathering political power. Should they be stopped?
  • Foil Asha Druj and her apocalyptic plans.
  • Asha Druj has abducted Lillian Lestoue and Alophin Laracroix.

The Grey Face

The Grey Face, a mysterious organization—possibly a cult of Kyuss connected to creatures from the plane of Gehena has been discovered. The Party has slain two of their number, Ameen Makara/Sheek’lieel in Mazooz and Igneen Faheed/Yhe’Ghutholsin in Sefet. In both cases, these entities from Yugoloth were creating Charnel Hounds, no doubt for nefarious purposes.

  • Investigate this secret organization to stop their macabre plans.
  • Find the third Yugoloth entity, Hthee’Behlcuths in Mozi-Xu.

The House Ére

The Shogun of Tengai, Norio Hokoru—inventor of the Tenrashinban—currently holds Indira’s immediate family imprisoned in lamps, and requires Indira to complete his set. He has dispatched bounty hunters after her, establishing himself as a direct threat to The Party.

The Party’s investigations have revealed that Jalal Ére may have been complicit in the fall of the House, though this occurred before the Shogun began to collect the Ére family. Jalal Ére has also worked closely with both the Shogun and the Sodalitas Comperio and stole the Ruby Mountain Scroll, connecting him to The Party extensively…

  • Keep Indira alive and free of Hokoru’s bounty hunters.
  • Save the Ére family.
  • Jalal Ére likely still lives; where is he and can the party get any interesting information out of him before Indira puts arrows into his eyes?

Ruby Mountain

Tales and prophecies of the mythical Ruby Mountain keeps crossing The Party’s path, from Nessisus’ visions, to Feng’s destiny. A key to understanding the Ruby Mountain may be the Ruby Mountain Scroll, an ancient document sought not only by Feng, but by Indira’s grandfather Jalal Ére, who is believed to have stolen it from the The Rajni Yami, the rulers of Itwaar.

The Party has learned that the Ruby Mountain is the one, true or perfect kaf; it possesses a mysterious defense that can only be countered by studying the Ruby Mountain Scroll.

Asha Druj wishes to access the Ruby Mountain in order to gain great power and should be stopped.

Miscellaneous Quests and Clues


  • Certain dark magics, particularly (exclusively?) those connected with Izznaar-Al-Sara, leave behind a set of six rubies. Why this is and what properties these rubies have remain largely unknown.
  • Who is Arsalan El-Chalen Al-Velom’s master?
    • Can Arsalan be killed?



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Quest Log

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