Qu'ah Qi


The species Creature belongs to. Apparently native to Soleira.

Though their physical appearance is fairly mammalian, their lifecycle is unique; periodically, a Qu’ah Qi will ingest a massive quantity of food and, some time later, vomit forth a fully-grown Qu’ah Qi. On rare occasions, a Qu’ah Qi will instead give birth to a Beegowh, a significantly larger “alpha” creature, a process that is fatal to the parent.

The Beegowh possess great intelligence and magical potential and are instilled with deep race memories. Unlike other Qu’ah Qi, they are capable of telepathic communication with Xamuss, and possibly other natural telepaths.

Normal Qu’ah Qi possess an array of unusual abilities. They are capable of gliding, have hands with highly dexterous fingers, are able to eat far more food than should be possible for a creature their size, can locate individuals over vast distances, and are capable of nullifying pain in others by purring. Though apparently social creatures, living in large colonies of Qu’ah Qi, some instead bond with a single non-Qu’ah Qi individual. They seem to have a particular affinity with humanoid children. They are capable of comprehending language after significant exposure and of developing and using a small vocabulary; this is not just mimicry, but true, if limited, language. It is not known if the Beegowh are capable of learning spoken language—they may not be capable of making a range of sounds most humanoids are capable of interpreting—but are fully conversant when communicated with telepathically.

Qu’ah Qi are aggressively omnivorous, but prefer high-calorie foods such as fruits. They seem to be virtually always hungry but also seem capable of surviving for extended periods without food or water. The Qu’ah Qi’s digestive system is likely partially magical in nature.

Qu'ah Qi

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