One of the five major nations of Amaranthia, Itwaar occupies the Northeast corner of the continent, bordered by Raqaejah to the south and by Zameen to the West. At the present, Itwaar holds dominion over Zameen, following a protracted conflict that ended twelve years before the present, in the bloody Spring of Ash.

The country is ruled by The Rajni Yami, the Twin Queens, the priests of Pelor, and the concept of Samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth that is, to the Itwaari, the fundamental fact of life.

Due to the financial strain of maintaining control of Zameen—and Itwaar’s continued reliance on slave labor—the nation’s economy has been severely damaged, as has it’s historically friendly relationship with Raqaejah.

In Session 05, The Party traveled to Itwaar during the Spring of Ashes.


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