Anari who have forsaken Al-Carad Anar and the ways of their people.

They are said to possess dark magical powers, and are particularly known for their ability to change their visage. Unlike most Anari, the Falmohib do not hide their bodies during the day, and often infiltrate the societies of other Humanoids to pursue their own agendas. They are known to shroud themselves in dark colors at night, typically to prey on those whom they have deemed easy targets during their daylight reconnaissance. While their numbers are said to be few, the faithful Anari kill Falmohib on sight. It is said that the Anari no longer consider the Falmohib to even be the same species.

Due to their secretive nature, it is not known if the Falmohib have any stable population/cultural groups, nor how many of them there are.

On their journey up the Road of Peace, The Party encountered a group of three Falmohib in Muhqhayim, who were poisoning an oasis for unknown reasons. They were dangerous foes, demonstrating powerful magical abilities based on unknown magics.


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