Charnel Hound

The hound-shaped creature stands at least 20 feet at the shoulder. Closer scrutiny reveals that while the creature has the outward shape of a hound, its form is composed of the bodies of hundreds of rotting humanoid corpses.

Charnel hounds are a stunning achievement of some crazed necromancer or god of death. Their very presence is a proclamation of necromantic power. The way in which the bodies making up a charnel hound’s form sometimes scream, mutter, and jerk serves to horrify and frighten onlookers.

Charnel hounds, once created, are self-sufficient engines of undead destruction found at night roaming plains where battles have been fought, or loose in underground areas large enough to accommodate their bulk. During the day, they dig themselves great burrows to escape the sun.

A charnel hound is about 20 feet tall and weighs about 35,000 pounds.

The Party found a charnel hound under construction beneath the Temple of Bahamut in Mazooz.

Charnel Hound

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