Al Haddid Jalut

A secretive guild of mostly Terashal treasure hunters and artifact dealers operating on the black market.

They are primarily interested in the acquisition of lost knowledge, embracing the natural inquisitiveness of the Terashal. Their secretive nature, aggressive methodology, and willingness to sell their findings to the highest bidder attract significant criticism from more academically-minded institutions, who view them as grave robbers who use pretty words to justify their actions.

They are reported to have supplied firearms to the Ushtarak tribe.

Currently, The Party travels with Dendera Seth, a former Al Haddid Jalut agent who had been seeking the Khatam Mahib Ghaza. When Hasan al-Husam won the ring instead of her, she “offered” her services and expertise to the party in exchange for the artifact. The guild had been seeking the ring in order to access the lost fortress Zarjasz Al-Ulaq, which may contain the Philosopher’s Stone.

Their current arajnord is Bacarhim Zdadegan.

Al Haddid Jalut

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