Tag: Spirit


  • Anton De Orlean

    After The Party [[Session 06 | awoke]] in [[Al-Mhuqtebel]], [[:anton-de-orlean]] was revealed to be Anansi in disguise. He had been gathering The Party's stories for his own benefit. After releasing them from their bondage, he departed.

  • Kupata

    Lunar crane-spirit ally of [[:abbet-bhujem | Abbet Bhujem]], he helped The Party track their missing members and [[:kiso-mngani | Kiso Mngani]].

  • Anansi

    The great trickster spirit of [[Khonoma]], Anansi rescued [[:maisha | Maisha]] and Nesisus from a group of apparently hostile [[Xamuss | Xamuss]], triggering a vision in the bard, and offering Maisha one of his own legs as a spear. At the end of [[ …