Tag: Ruler


  • Hatim al-Jabbar

    _Father-of-Karim, Hatim the Powerful, son of Hashim, son of Khalid_ Sultan of [[Hazred]], father of [[:hasan-al-husam | Hasan al-Husam]], Hatim al-Jabbar is an independent, and fiercely traditionalist ruler. He is popularly—rarely to his face—called …

  • The Rajni Yami

    Shakti and Sharma, The Rajni Yami, are the joint rulers of [[Itwaar]]. Conjoined twins who miraculously lived to come of age, they are believed to share a single consciousness and are regarded as divine rulers.

  • Claudia Lestoue

    The former queen of the [[Lestoue | Kingdom of Lestoue]] and the [[Rastahl | Kingdom of Rastahl]]. She is perhaps the most well-known Tiefling alive in all of Soleira, although she is not proud of this distinction nor her infernal heritage. Though she …

  • Ayman Al-Aziz

    The _bey_ of [[Mazooz]], he hosted The Party and [[:fazia-shula | Fazia Shula]] in their [[Session 13 | visit to his city.]] He was a gracious host if, understandably, intimidated by Fazia. He is proud of the city he has seen grow to prosperity, though …