Tag: Magic


  • Saramite Tree

    One of the most fascinating and defining features of [[Soleira]] are the dangerous and coveted Saramite Trees. So named for the precious by-product known as [[Saramite]] that they produce as part of their psycho-ponerosynthisis. Saramite trees produce a …

  • Warp Ring

    A small blue-black Möbius strip with tiny magical runes carved about its face, usually worn as a necklace. If broken, the bearer and all in contact with him/her are instantly under the effect of a [[Teleport Without Error]] spell to a single pre- …

  • Saramite

    A precious and incredibly rare magical substance created by [[Saramite Tree | Saramite Trees]].

  • Reincarnate

    Clerics of [[Pelor]]—forbidden from using [[Raise Dead]]—sometimes learn the spell _reincarnate_ instead, believing the creation of a new body helps prevent a violation of [[Samsara]], though …