Tag: Legends


  • Yadisunu

    The legendary Herald of [[Bahamut]], who battled the Demon Dragon [[Tiamat]] alongside the Six Holy [[Mushussu]], including her mount [[Oshushamalshen]], banishing their foe to the first layer of Hell and giving their lives in the process. Her legend …

  • Tiamat

    The "Demon Dragon," a legendary figure of evil and menace and foe of [[Bahamut]]. She was defeated by [[Yadisunu]] and the [[Mushussu]] and banished to [[Avernus]], the first layer of Hell.

  • Ruby Mountain

    A mythical mountain, known by many names in every culture on [[Raqaejah]] and [[Haruka]]. Amongst the [[Anari]], it is called *Orod Al-Carad,* "The Mountain of the Red God." The Party has learned that the Ruby Mountain is the one "true" [[Parallel …

  • The Four Cardinal Spirits

    The four great spirits who embody the cardinal points of the compass. *Seiryuu* The Blue Dragon Spirit of the East; incarnated in Amaranthia as [[:azu-makeen]]. *Byakko* The White Tiger Spirit of the West *Suzaku* The Red Phoenix Spirit of the South …