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  • Itwaar

    One of the five major nations of [[Amaranthia]], Itwaar occupies the Northeast corner of the continent, bordered by [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]] to the south and by [[Zameen]] to the West. At the present, Itwaar holds dominion over Zameen, following a …

  • Order of the Silver Sun

    A militant order of [[Pelor]], the Order of the Silver Sun is charged with hunting down Undead and other transgressors who violate the [[Samsara]]. [[:sartaj-bharatra | Sartaj Bharatra]] is a member of this order.

  • Spring of Ash

    A major turning point in the long conflict between [[Itwaar]] and [[Zameen]]. Cornered in the steepes, the Zameeni rebels fought a protracted guerrilla war, ultimately culminating in a devastating battle in which the Itwaari forces took tremendous …

  • Chaturanga

    Chaturanga, meaning "having four limbs or parts," is a strategy game from [[Itwaar]], played with two armies of specialized pieces on an ashtāpada, a board with an eight by eight grid used in several Itwaari games. While widely played in Itwaar, it has …

  • Surya Period

    A period of about 540 years that covers the Surya dynasty of [[Itwaar]]. During this time, the Itwaari empire held dominion over what is now [[Raqaejah]].

  • Order of the Golden Sun

    An [[Itwaar | Itwaari]] law enforcement agency. Occasionally they act as diplomats and investigators abroad when domestic security issues spill into friendly boarders. [[:lyr]] led an investigation as part of this organization into the disappearance of …

  • Dinesh Jayendra

    Dinesh Jayendra was encountered by The Party during [[Session 05 | Session 05]], twelve years in their relative past, when the [[:glass-artifact]] deposited them in the middle of his encampment. At the time, the Samanya (General) was leading forces in the …

  • Maqsood Musaru

    Once a decorated soldier of [[Itwaar]], Maqsood was resurrected after his death in violation of [[Samsara]], and was thus sentenced to die again by the hands of [[:sartaj-bharatra | Sartaj Bharatra]]. After betraying Itwaar by siding with [[Zameen | …

  • Sartaj Bharatra

    First encountered in the camp of Samanya [[:dinesh-jayendra | Dinesh Jayendra]] in [[Session 05]]. Sartaj is a member of the [[Order of the Silver Sun]], tasked to hunt the fugitive [[:maqsood-musaru | Maqsood Musaru]]. The Party—particularly Indiria...— …

  • The Rajni Yami

    Shakti and Sharma, The Rajni Yami, are the joint rulers of [[Itwaar]]. Conjoined twins who miraculously lived to come of age, they are believed to share a single consciousness and are regarded as divine rulers.

  • Noor Bharatra

    Sister of [[:sartaj-bharatra]]. Noor—presumably Noor-4—once encountered [[:kiso-mngani | Kiso Mngani]]. As he rendered assistance to her, both of their eyes changed color, like those of [[:lydra-geb]] and [[:ramal]].