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  • Heshalxiang Canal

    A man-made waterway created from a joint venture by the nations of [[Raqaejah]] and [[Mozi-Xu]] to enhance maritime trade between the continents of [[Amaranthia]] and [[Haruka]]. The canal measures roughly 51 miles long and is roughly 200 feet wide. The …

  • Pai-sho

    A two-player strategy game from [[Haruka]]. It is played on a large, circular board that is split into twelve sections, divided by and 18x18 grid of colored squares. Round tiles are used as pieces, with each of them having a different image. Each player …

  • Haruka

    The continent to the east of [[Amaranthia]], divided along a large isthmus by the [[Heshalxiang Canal | Heshalxiang Canal]].

  • Mozi-Xu

    The westernmost country of [[Haruka]], separated from [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]] by the [[Heshalxiang Canal | Heshalxiang Canal]].

  • Tu Fan Zui

    The leader of the group which attacked and killed the party of [[:sifu-ling-huo]]. In the first hours of their adventures together, The Party encountered Tu Fan Zui-1 in [[Sefet]] in the employ of [[:azu-makeen | Azu Makeen]] and he was slain by [[: …

  • Sifu Ling Huo

    Former master of [[:feng]]. He and his traveling companions were set upon by the bandit Sorcerer [[:tu-fan-zui]] and the Shinobi known as [[:kage-okosa]]. Ling Huo and all his companions were thought to have been killed during the encounter, though Feng …

  • Kage Okosa

    An infamous masked Shinobi of which little is known. He is rumored to cast no shadow. He killed [[:sifu-ling-huo]] in [[Mozi-Xu]]. He appeared before [[Feng]] in [[Sefet]] at the [[Deep Water Court]] and warned him not acquiesce to the machinations of …

  • Noza Oda

    A [[Haruka | Harukan]] holy leader of the regional order of [[Pelor]]. Believed to be an eternal avatar, reborn continuously into the world. On a visit to [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]], she was abducted in [[Sefet]]. Later, she rescued

    Norio Hokoru

    Human ruler from the Haruken nation of [[Tengai]]. Creator of the [[:tenrashinban]], he seeks [[:indira-ere]] and her [[√Čre (Family) | family]] as part of his offering to the Wind deity [[Fujin]], for the consideration of becoming his Avatar on Soliera.