Tag: Continents


  • Amaranthia

    One of the major continents of [[Soleira | Soleira]]. Home to a diverse range of humanoids spread across numerous tropical and sub-tropical biomes and divided between five great nations, [[Raqaejah | Raqaejah]], [[Khonoma | Khonoma]], [[Itwaar | Itwaar]], …

  • Haruka

    The continent to the east of [[Amaranthia]], divided along a large isthmus by the [[Heshalxiang Canal | Heshalxiang Canal]].

  • Rastahl

    A small continent located south of [[Amaranthia]]. It is divided up into several smaller countries, with a striking range of climate and population diversity. It has a long history of wars and strife. h3. The Regions of Rastahl Rastahl is …