Tag: Companion


  • Creature

    Creature is a confusing little chimera, looking like a cross between a small dog, a bat, a lizard, and a lemur. He has long manipulating fingers with flat, abrasive pads and tiny claws for climbing. His grinning mouth is covered with little pointed teeth …

  • Kupata

    Lunar crane-spirit ally of [[:abbet-bhujem | Abbet Bhujem]], he helped The Party track their missing members and [[:kiso-mngani | Kiso Mngani]].

  • Zia

    Animal companion of [[:indira-ere | Indira √Čre]]. Found and hatched in The Party's [[Session 05 | first visit]] to [[Tamba Khoya]]. He has grown too large to ride around in Indira's cleavage, but he still tries.