Tag: Cities


  • Sefet

    The Eastern-most major city in [[Raqaejah]] and gateway to the continent of [[Haruka]]. Sefet lies just west of the [[Heshalxiang Canal]], a 51-mile long man-made waterway which greatly adds to the city's value as a maritime trade post. Known as "The …

  • Jannat Aqul

    A massive, walled, [[Amaranthia | Amaranthine]] city-state on the mountainous border between [[Raqaejah]] and [[Melabet]], which maintains little relation with the world beyond its walls.

  • Mazooz

    A small [[Raqaejah | Raqaejahn]] city along the [[Path of Prosperity]], a six-day journey east of [[Akkarid]]. Under its current _bey_ [[:ayman-al-aziz]] the city has grown as a vital trade link along the Path, due both to its proximity to Akkarid and its …

  • Yashir

    One of the major cities of [[Raqaejah]], the landlocked city of Yashir sits at the intersection of the Raqaejahn, Zameeni, and Itwaari borders.