Session 64
Place Holder Outline

The next day

  • Plans are made for the party’s departure.
  • The party will escort Noda Oza to Baikuntha (capital city of Itwaar and location of Lyr’s Mukashram) for the Sankta Kunveno (a holy gathering of the Peloric faith).
    • Sartaj will accompany them, because he would like to return to his order.
      • Indira is not thrilled with this but does not argue against it.
        • She has not filled the others in as to why she is unhappy with him.
  • Dendera decides to remain in Akkarid with Yasharan.
    • Hasan devises/purchases something that will allow them to communicate with each other.
  • To get a head start on their travels the party will use Al-Mhuqtebel to go to the portal they created when sneaking into Keergai’im’s encampment.
    • While the others are making preparations, Indira and Sehera scout out the site to make sure that it has been abandoned.
      • The only thing there is a family of desert cats.
      • They spend some time with the cats before they return and give the all clear.
  • Lazar is not exactly pleased with the thought of the party leading a bunch of camels through his living room.
    • But he still allows it as long as the party gives him a little time to clear a path.
      • With Indira’s help, Sehera picks up some good wine for him as a thank you.
  • The after a little coaxing the camels are led through Al-Mhuqtebel without incident.
  • The party journeys through the desert for a few days without incident.
  • One day at dusk they hear sounds in the distance and see smoke.
    • It sounds like fighting and animals.
      • Judging by the noises it is assumed that it might be a group of Gnolls raiding a caravan.
        • Since Gnolls are known slavers most of the party wants to track them and try to help.
          They track them for about two hours but the trail begins to grow cold.
          There are noises in the distance but it is hard to tell their direction and who is making them.
    • Sehera realizes that there are a large group of people talking about a mile away.
  • Sartaj and Sehera go to investigate.
    • They manage to sneak right up to the camp without being noticed.
      • These are not the gnolls.
      • Judging from the conversation the of people in the camp there is a lot of them and they seem to be working on something but Sartaj and Sehera can’t figure out what it is.
  • Sartaj and Sehera report back to the others.
  • Everyone agrees to wait until dawn and then investigate.
  • The next morning the party heads over to the camp.
  • When they get within sight of it a group of people come out to meet them.
    • In the group are 3 Venatrix, a large man wearing mercenary company tattoos, a blue skinned man wearing a demon skull mask, and a man who is obviously not from Amaranthia.
  • They do not attack but want to know what the party’s business is.
  • Hasan explains that the party had been tracking some gnolls, saw the encampment and wanted to alert them that there might be a raiding party about. Also they wanted to find out if they had seen anything.
  • The foreign man lets them know that the camp has not seen anything nor have they has any issues with gnolls.
    • He introduces himself as Kalem Ganaka.
    • He is a bit erratic in his speech and obviously excited about something.
      Hasan asks what he is doing out in the middle nowhere.
    • Kalem says he can not tell, but it is pretty cool.
      • Less than a second later he decides to tell.
  • Kalem has been obsessed with finding evidence of ancient gods on Soliera. He is trying to prove that the Agkishadiya existed.
    • A mythical race thought to be a common ancestor of both Phoenix and Phoelarch races. Their deity was said to be called Garuda.
      • According to legend Garuda was killed but like Phoelarchs turned into an egg upon his death.
      • Kalem thinks he might have found the egg of Garuda.
  • Kalem leads the party to where his team has been digging.
    • Workers are in the process of bringing the egg to the surface.
  • Kalem lets the party know that he found the egg underground and a hive of Animo Delvitis (giant insects also know as Mind Shredders) had been using the egg as some kind of energy/food source.
    • To get the egg they killed the hive.
  • A group of Loxo bring the egg to the surface on a giant palanquin.
  • Noises are heard coming from the tunnel they emerged from a few minutes before.
    • Looks like they didn’t get all off the mind shredders, who are apparently known to create outpost cells (what they destroyed). The main hive seems intact!
  • Before anything can be done, there is a great rumbling and a Megapede bursts out of the ground and beings attacking the camp.
  • Kalem asks the party if they can deal with the mind shredders and keep the Loxo safe while his group takes care of the Megapede.
    • The party agrees.
Session 63
Place Holder Outline

The next morning.

  • Hasan, Dendera, Sisi, Claudia, and Lillian wake up relatively early and go to Claudia’s house.
  • Lyr is so exhausted she almost sleeps through the sunrise.
    • She stumbles up to the roof for morning prayer but falls asleep halfway through her prayers.
  • Feng wanders down to the kitchen and instead of encountering Abu, finds Sifu Ling Huo waiting for him.
    • Ling Huo gives Feng four boxes.
      • Three are filled with tea, the fourth is filled with salt.
    • He informs Feng that by drinking the contents of the boxes he will gain insight into the next steps of his journey.
      • He suggests the entire party should partake.
      • Also don’t mix all the teas together and then drink them. Each one must be consumed separately.
    • He then tells Feng that while he can not help the party directly for the next leg of their journey he will be helping them indirectly by helping Asha Druj.
      Indira and Sehera wake up.
    • They find Lyr on the roof and since everyone else has gone off, they decide to go to the baths.

That evening.

  • Everyone returns to find Feng waiting for them with the table set for tea.
    • Dendera remained at Claudia’s with Yasharan and Heksora.
  • Feng explains the tea and the group agrees to share it with him.
  • They brew the black tea first.
  • After drinking the tea everyone beings to have a shared vision.
    • Great blood red doors open to reveal inky darkness. A hundred bodies lie motionless wrapped in white, with a lamp burning by their heads. Ashes fall into a cold stream from charred trees. The lamp lights all blow out. There is a long dark tunnel, and at the end, blinding light, a man all in gleaming silver armor with the mask of a fanged demon stands before you, gleaming by the light of the full moon. His eyes are Rubies that burn like fire. He looks upward, and 6 suns burn in the sky, and shine their light east.
      • Lyr recognizes the doors as the gates of her monastery and the wrappings and lamps are part of Peloric funeral customs.
*** Lyr also guesses that the 6 suns represent the 6 holy leaders that were called to conclave in Itwaar.
  • Red Tea:
    • Three spiders stare in darkness amongst gilded men in halls of stone. Eyes like coal open in the darkness, shining scales wreathing forms about them. The sun bursts from above and stars wheel in the sky. The fallen rise and the strong are broken. Three armies gather in the plains and three serpents spit and strike. A warrior’s dance is joined by identical warriors. A white wind blows and the way is opened.
      • The gilded men might be Daricassans, and the halls of stone their city.
      • The white wind could be the white tiger on the compass.
  • Green Tea:
    • Grey fog is burned away. Lifted from Sefet by black winged shadows. Caught by four winds from four directions. Blown east by the winds to a temple atop a tower rising from the ocean to the clouds. Six suns shine in the sky.
      • The four winds might represent the four spirits contained in the Tenrashinban.
      • It appeared that the only way to reach the temple was by flying.
  • Salt:
    • Pain and anger. Grey and cold. Thirst and weakness. Hunger and fear. Iron dust and starlight. Darkness and Death. The dead do not rise and the living soon follow. Life flees from your grasp and only sorrow takes your hand. A black wind blows and the way is opened.
      • The grey land is probably Melabet.
      • The black wind could be the black tortoise on the compass.
  • By the time the contents of all of the boxes have been drunk it is late in evening.
  • Abu appears and serves dinner.
  • The party decides to visit Lyr’s home first, the Daricassan city second, Melabet third, and the temple in the sky last.
    • They can journey to Itwaar as an escort for the Effulgent One.
  • Lazar and Maqsood return in time for dinner.
    • The party tells Lazar about their visions and he offers to show them his home city, when they are done in Itwaar.
  • The party spends the rest of the evening making plans.
Session 62
Place Holder Outline

Akkarid – warehouse by the docks

  • Kage Okosa emerges from the shadows by Alophin.
  • Lillian is being guarded by Miyuki No-Shi .
    • Lillian looks like she has been crying.
  • There are shadows that appear to be moving.
  • Sisi demands to know what is going on.
    • Alophin coldly tells her she should have left well enough alone, and tells Kage Okosa that they should conclude their business elsewhere.
  • Kage Okosa reaches for Alophin as he begins to sink into the shadows.
    • Before they vanish Indira shoots the Philosopher’s skull out of Alophin’s hands and sends it flying across the room.
      • Alophin is unharmed, but still disappears with Kage Okosa.
    • Sehera and Miyuki both run for the skull.
      • They reach it at the same time but Miyuki throws powder in Sehera’s face, grabs the skull, and starts to run off.
  • The shadows begin to take form and start rushing towards the group.
    • Chaim runs over to Lillian and forms a protective barrier around her.
    • Claudia and Sisi are surrounded and begin fighting.
  • Sehera recovers and chases after Miyuki.
    • The party follows Sehera.
      • Dendera stays to help Sisi and Claudia.
  • In a burst of smoke and embers Feng grows to giant size.
    • As he passes by the window she is perched in, Indira grabs Feng’s robes and slides to the ground.
  • Miyuki is unable to shake Sehera.
    • After several twists and turns Miyuki leads them to Kage Okosa and Alophin.
      Kage Okosa draws his sword.
    • Alophin takes the Philosopher’s skull from Miyuki and withdraws to watch the confrontation.
  • Kage Okosa casts a spell that leaves Sehera’s feet rooted in place.
    Miyuki throws a ice storm bomb at the the rest of the party from her vantage point on a roof.
  • Kage Okosa summons a nightwing.
    • It blends in with the night sky and has a paralyzing attack.
  • Indira climbs up on a roof for a better vantage point and focuses on the nightwing and Miyuki.
  • Feng primarily focuses on using his magic against the nightwing.
  • Sehera prepares to defend against Kage Okosa, but he does something to make her drop her guard with a scream of pure terror.
  • Hasan attacks Kage Okosa before he can strike Sehera again.
    • Hasan draws him away from her and they face off.
  • Indira, drops down from the roof to try avoid another one of Miyuki’s ice storm bombs.
    • Unfortunately she is knocked unconscious by Miyuki’s next attack.
  • Kage Okosa uses his fear/terror ability to make Hasan drop his guard.
    • He stikes Hasan down.
  • Lyr brings Hasan back to life, again.
  • Sehera finally frees herself and is no longer rooted in place.
  • The nightwing paralyzes Hasan, Lyr, and Sehera.
    • Feng kills it.
  • Kage Okosa calls out Feng, tells him he will now know the price of interfering, and moves to strike down the paralyzed Sehera.
    • Before he can land the blow something stops him and holds him in place.
    • It is Alophin.
  • Alophin tells Kage Okosa that he will not permit him to attack the others while they are helpless.
  • Kage Okosa is not pleased with being ordered around by Alophin and disappears into the shadows.
  • Miyuki runs off.
  • Alophin informs the party that while he appreciates their concern, they should not attempt to follow him or interfere.
    • He begins to walk away.
      Sehera follows him.
    • She puts away her weapons and tells him she has no intention of stopping him.
    • Sehera asks him where he is going to go.
      • Alophin says he does not know but he is leaving, because his mother “needs to be taught a harsh lesson”.
        • She lets him know that she does not agree with his mother’s plan to change his nature.
          • He asks her to tell Lillian that he is sorry for frightening her.
    • She asks him what he plans to do with the skull.
      ***Reveals that he had intended to have it destroyed but is reconsidering.
      • Sehera tells him to be careful about whose hands it winds up in and walks back to join the others.
  • The party returns to the warehouse to find the shadow ninjas have been dealt with by Sisi, Claudia, Dendera, and Chaim.
    • Sisi is visibly upset when she finds out that Alophin is not coming back.
      • She also may have come to the realization that her actions towards him are what made him leave.
        • She does not say much.
  • Since it is very late/early the party uses Al-Mhuqtebel to return to Hasan’s uncle’s place.
    • Claudia, Lillian, and Sisi will rest in the guest rooms of the house.
      • Lyr sends a message to Barlan letting him know everything is okay.
    • Hasan & Dendera take Hasan’s room.
      • Before they fall asleep Dendera thanks Hasan for choosing her over his father.
    • Sehera, Indira, and Lyr go to Al-Mhuqtebel to sleep.
      • Lyr somehow manages to occupy an entire king size bed (like a cat), and becomes impossible to move.
Session 61
Place Holder Outline


  • Hasan lets Hatim know that he will have to consider his terms.
    • Hatim dismisses him.
  • Hasan rejoins the group and lets them know how his discussion with Hatim went.
    • Dendera immediately wants to know what Hasan has decided.
      • He lets her know he has not come to a decision yet.
  • Bashalid appears out of nowhere to lead everyone to their rooms to freshen up for dinner.
    • Dendra and Yasharan are lead to a room separate from Hasan.
    • Hasan and Feng each have their own rooms.
    • Indira, Lyr, and Sehera share a room.
      • It only has one very large bed.
        • Lyr discovers the joy of jumping on beds.
    • There are “servants” in each room who do not leave.
      • Apparently when they are working they are not to be addressed by their names.
      • After much convincing Indira and Sehera get the girls in their room to tell them their names.
  • At dinner it is decided that the party will return to Akkarid to discuss Hatim’s terms with Claudia and Barlan.
    • Also to discuss options away from prying ears.
  • As they are leaving Yasharan looks for Speedy but no one is able to locate him.
    • Hasan gets the impression that something unpleasant may have happened to Speedy.
    • Yasharan starts demanding that they find Speedy.
      • Sehera distracts him by declaring that she is faster than the mule, and giving him a piggy back ride to prove it.
  • Once the party is out of the city, they open the portal to Al-Mhuqtebel.


  • The party returns to Claudia’s house and Hasan gives her his father’s terms.
    • She is not pleased.
      • Sisi seems even less pleased than Claudia.
  • Hasan makes it clear that he does not agree with them either and will not dissolve his current marriage, but he is unsure of what to do as any further defiance on his part will get him disowned.
    • Hasan has to try and explain the concept of marriage contracts and being disowned to Lyr and Sehera.
      • They still don’t really understand.
  • Feng wants to pull a heist in the worst/best way.
  • The rest of the party informs Hasan that they have his back whatever course of action he decides to take, but the choice is his.
    • In the end he chooses to take the blood by force.
      • Feng is pleased.
  • Plans are made.
    • Claudia and Sisi will go back to Hazred and gain access to the palace under the guise of Claudia coming to negotiate with Hatim.
    • Barlan creates a knock out gas grenade for Indira to use (since she can choose not to breathe).
    • Hasan borrows three horses from his uncle.
      • He leaves his uncle a note saying “If Hatim ever asks, I stole the horses”.
  • Everyone and the horses go in to Al-Mhuqtebel, and the portal to Hazred is opened.
    • Only Hasan, Claudia, and Sisi emerge in Hazred.
      • Everyone else will wait until they are needed.
  • They ride to the palace and informed by Bashalid that Hatim is currently at the temple making offerings to commemorate the birth of his son.
    • Bashalid offers to take Claudia’s terms to Hatim but Claudia insists on dealing with him personally.
  • Hasan, Claudia, and Sisi are led to guest rooms.
  • After some waiting they meet up in a prearranged location.
    • Hasan uses one of Barlan’s potions, which functions like a find person spell, to determine where Hatim is in the palace.
      • He is in his room.
  • Hasan leads Sisi and Claudia to a hallway where there is a secret passage that will get them past the guards.
    • Unfortunately someone has redone the plaster and he can’t find it.
  • Everyone heads out the garden to come up with a backup plan.
    • Less suspicious than wandering the hallways late at night.
    • After some pondering they decide to get Feng to see if he has a suggestion or spell that they can use.
  • The portal is opened and Feng is brought through.
  • Feng can’t teleport unless he knows where he is going.
    • However he does have a spell that will allow him to separate his sprit from his body and move about like a ghost.
  • Hasan gives Feng instructions on how to find Hatim’s room.
  • Feng casts the spell, finds Hatim’s room and gets a good look around.
    • Returns to his body.
  • Feng teleports Claudia, Sisi, and Hasan into Hatim’s room.
  • Hasan immediately opens the portal to Al-Mhuqtebel where Indira is waiting to throw the knockout gas grenade.
    • She nails Hatim but he manages to make enough noise to alert someone before he passes out.
    • Hasan, Sisi, and Claudia dive in to the portal to avoid the gas.
    • Indira is unaffected by the gas and bars the door.
  • Once the gas clears a little bit Hasan and Sehera run out and help Indira hold the door.
  • Feng gets a vial of Hatim’s blood.
    • Also makes sure to leave Hatim in an undignified position.
  • Everyone runs back to the portal.
  • As Hasan closes the portal he sees Bashalid’s grinning face emerging from the wall in Hatim’s room.


  • Everyone returns to Claudia’s house.
  • Barlan uses the blood to create the Lumen De Lacu.
    • Everyone is tired and while they are waiting a few of them doze off.
  • The Lumen De Lacu is used on Chaim.
    • It works and he wakes up.
  • According to Chiam; Alophin and Lillian were leaving, and he was about to ask them where they were going when he was frozen.
    • He doesn’t remember Asha Druj or anyone else being there.
  • Chiam is still able to sense Lillian.
    • She is near the waterfront.
  • Time to go.
  • Lyr suggests they stop by the temple of Pelor.
    • She wants to call in a favor and see if the priests can do something help the party fight off exhaustion.
  • Everyone piles into carriages except for Chiam and Lyr.
    • Lyr rides on Chiam’s shoulders.
    • Chiam walks much slower than the carriages.
    • Claudia gets impatient and asks him if he could try running.
      • Chiam had not considered that option before.
      • Once he gets up to speed he is pretty fast.
  • A quick stop is made at the temple of Pelor.
    • The priests are able to give the party a boost.
    • Then it is back off to the docks.
  • Chiam stops a block away from where he senses Lillian, to avoid being heard.
    **He points out the building that she is in.
    • It is a large dry dock used for building ships.
  • Indira sneaks up for a closer look but can not see too much so she sends Zia in.
    • Zia confirms that the children are there.
    • Along with a “pale one” and a dark shadow.
  • Since Chiam makes too much noise to sneak anywhere the plan is to have him run through the door to building.
    • Indira levitates up to a second floor window to get a better view to shoot things.
    • Everyone else gets ready to run through the door after Chiam.
  • Chiam breaks down the door and the party runs into the building.
  • Alophin is there holding the Nameless Philosopher’s skull.
    • It looks like he was talking to someone when the door was broken down.
    • That person turns out not to be Asha Druj but Kage Okosa.
Session 60
Place Holder Outline

Deck of the Sidero Lykos

  • The party is about to go through the portal to Al-Mhuqtebel.
  • Sehera stops them before they can close the portal behind them.
    • She points out that there is a good chance that Umaran would have known what Nessisus was and the prophecy regarding him.
      • The first place the party encountered the mural depicting the prophecy was in Zarjasz al-Ulaq. Which was the same place that Umaran studied under the Nameless Philosopher.
    • If kept any type journal or notebook, he might make mention of Nessisus and maybe provide some insight.
    • We shouldn’t go without at least checking.
  • Sehera, Feng, and Lyr stay and ask Chalazias for his permission to go through Umaran’s stuff.
    • He agrees as he would rather not have Umaran’s notes or spell book on board to potentially cause further trouble.
  • Umaran’s room is opened and checked for traps.
    • Once the coast is clear Feng, Lyr, and Sehera search it.
    • It is full neatly labeled shelves of components for alchemical solutions.
      • The rest of it is a filthy mess.
    • Feng points out to Chalazias items that may be worth selling.
      • Feng also pockets a few potions/solutions and some nice magical bracers when no one is looking.
    • Umaran’s spellbook/notebook is found.
      • It is locked and most likely warded.
  • Sehera thanks Chalazias for his time and patience with them and wishes him luck.
  • Feng, Lyr, and Sehera depart with the book.

Al-Mhuqtebel and Hasan’s uncle’s house

  • Hasan, Dendera, Indira, and Noza Oda return to Hasan’s uncle’s house in Akkarid via Al-Mhuqtebel.
    • Al-Mhuqtebel is empty.
    • No one is at Hasan’s uncle’s except for Abu.
      • Hasan’s uncle and his wife are in Sefet on business.
      • Abu indicates something has happened and Maqsood and Lazar have gone to Claudia Lestoue’s estate.
        • He doesn’t give many details.
    • Hasan, Indira, and Dendera will go as soon as the others return from the Sidero Lykos.
    • A carriage is summoned for Noza Oda, and she returns to the temple of Pelor.
    • Hasan, Indira, and Dendera enjoy some refreshments while they are waiting.
      • Hasan makes the mistake of asking Abu if there is any Baklava.
        • Apparently Abu hates making Baklava.
  • Feng, Lyr, and Sehera return.
  • The party goes to the Lestoue estate.

Claudia Lestoue’s House

  • When the party enters the house things seem to be very tense and Chaim is frozen in place.
    • The glyph on its chest emanates a pale greyish light instead of the normal golden light.
    • Sisi is sitting in there with an intense look and repeatedly stabbing a bundle of clothing with her knife.
    • Barlan and Muhadarac Hasidar are pouring over a pile of books and scrolls.
  • Claudia informs the party that Lillian and Alophin have been kidnapped by Asha Druj.
    • It happened a few days ago.
    • They woke up to find Chiam frozen, the children gone, and a note written in Asha’s hand.
      • The note warns Claudia not to interfere in any way.
    • No one in the house heard or saw anything.
  • They have been searching non-stop to find any trace of the children.
    • Lazar and Maqsood are off following leads.
  • They are also looking for a way to unfreeze Chaim because he is somehow able to detect Lillian’s presence.
    • They think he may have been frozen by a psionic effect of some sort.
    • The light emanating from his chest may be infernal in origin.
  • The party briefly fills Claudia and company in on what happened with Chalazias.
  • They offer Umaran’s book to Barlan, with the hopes that something useful may be in there.
    • Barlan studies the lock for a moment and then goes off in search of supplies.
      • He returns a few minutes later, wearing heavy gloves, goggles, and holding something very hot with a pair of tongs.
      • Tells everyone to stand back.
      • Then drops a small fire salamander on the book and it crawls into the lock.
      • He pours something into the lock and the salamander turns to crystal.
      • Barlan then uses the crystalized salamander as a key to open the book.
  • Barlan then takes a haste potion and begins to read at a furious pace.
    • He finds a formula for Lumen De Lacu.
      • It is said to be a burning substance who’s light will neutralize any psionic effect.
    • There is a catch. One of the ingredients is the blood or seed of one who has 3 by 7 acknowledged heirs.
  • Hasan’s father has at least 21 sons.
    • But getting his permission to use his blood won’t be easy.
      • Its time for Dendera to meet the family and for them to see how Hasan has changed.
  • Hazred is several days journey away but if he knows what the place looks like Feng might be able to teleport there.
    • While the rest of the party takes a little time to clean up, Sehera goes back to Hasan’s uncle’s house to fetch a painting of Hazred for Feng to study.
    • Feng studies the painting while Hasan describes the city to him in as much detail as possible.
  • Feng casts teleport and brings Hasan, Dendera, and Yasharan, with him.
    • He is successful and they all arrive in the right spot.
    • Hasan opens a portal to Al-Mhuqtebel where the rest of the party is waiting.


  • Hasan procures a horse for Dendera and himself, and a mule for Yasharan.
    • It would be improper for Hasan to arrive on foot.
      • Yasharan names his mule Speedy.
  • With everyone else following on foot, Hasan heads for the palace.
  • The guards allow them to enter and the party is led to a waiting room.
    • While walking through the palace they notice carvings that depict (and glorify) Hazred’s past involvement in the slave trade.
      • Indira is disgusted by them but too polite to say anything, but it is obvious they do not please her.
      • The sight of them makes Sehera very unsettled because a lot of the slaves are Zythu.
        After waiting for little bit they are greeted by Bashalid, the chief scribe.
    • Bashalid has a strage appearance and very overdramatic mannerisms.
      • He wears a fake metal beard, has quills on all of his fingertips, and his teeth seem to be capped in some kind of semi-precious stone.
        • the type of stone changes every time he appears.
          Hasan tells Bashalid that he has come to introduce his new family to his father and mother.
    • Bashalid informs Hasan that his mother is in labor at the moment.
  • Bashalid leads the party to a more comfortable waiting room where they are served light refreshments by “servants”.
  • After a little while everyone is taken to an audience chamber and introduced to Hatim by Bashalid.
    • Somehow Bashalid knows everyone’s full name and exactly where they are from without anyone telling him.
  • Hatim does not seem very pleased to see Hasan, and wishes to speak to him alone.
  • Once alone Hatim lets Hasan know:
    • He is most displeased with Hasan changing his appearance regardless of the reason.
    • He does not approve of Hasan’s marriage to Denedera.
      • He is angry that Hasan broke off his arrainged marriage to Ijilal bint Asliraf Ibn Sharif Al Najib.
        • A lot of political back bending had to be done to clean up the mess.
    • He will help by giving some of his blood if his terms are met.
      • Hasan must have his marriage to Dendera dissolved.
      • Claudia and Barlan must agree to marry Lillian to Hasan when she comes of age.
Session 59
Place Holder Outline

Fight with Umaran, Ashaphael, and some dust wights.

  • Umaran takes a moment to gloat and demand the Cintamani.
  • Chalazias is not impressed, puts the Cintamani away and pulls out a double ended ghost blade sword.
    • Moves towards Umaran.
  • Umaran brings his axe down on Chalazias. Who takes the blow but fakes out Umaran and stabs him with a red glass dagger that shatters and heals Chalazias.
  • Pringle moves as far away from Ashaphael as possible and is visibly terrified of him.
  • Danfyre and O’Kalon are immediately turned into sandstone by the dust wights.
    • Nethken gets a few swipes in and then is turned to sandstone.
  • Lyr starts turning the dust wights.
  • Chalazias rally’s the crew, (impressive bonuses for all).
  • Hasan, Indira, & Dendera focus on Ashaphael.
    • his armor functions like a chain golem (not sentient)
    • Hasan gets in a really good shot.
      • Ashaphael is not pleased and goes after Hasan.
      • Hasan is grappled by several of Ashapael’s chains.
      • Dendera focuses on the dust wights to avoid shooting Hasan.
  • The direwolves attack the dust wights.
    • when one of them is turned to stone Pringle helps out.
  • Sehera bounces between Umaran & Ashaphael.
  • Syla and Chalazias bring down Umaran.
    • Syla keeps him stable but unconscious.
    • When he falls unconscious the fairy fire image on his chest starts to glow red.
  • Sehera and Chalazias fight Ashaphael.
    • they destroy his living chain armor.
  • Feng flies in on flaming wings followed by a few pirates.
    • When people all over the ship started turning into dust wights, Feng convinced the pirates that their captain was being threatened and needed help.
    • They begin attacking the remaining wights.
  • Ashaphael sizes up the odds and decides they are not in his favor.
    • Drops Hasan.
    • Calls out to Chalazias that he wants to strike a deal.
      • Instead of taking Pringle he will take Umaran since he is valuable as well.
    • Chalazias agrees to the deal only if Ashaphael never makes another attempt to take Pringle.
      • He agrees but warns that he is not the only one that wants the wolf.
  • Ashaphael skewers Umaran (in non vital places) and carries him off.
    • Umaran wakes up and starts screaming in protest.
    • They sink through the floor leaving a scorch mark.
  • The remaining wights are dispatched.

After the fight.

  • The petrified form of Nethken starts to crack.
  • From out of it emerges Anansi.
  • He taunts everyone then says he must collect his things and be off.
    • Turns into hundreds of tiny white spiders that scuttle off in all directions.
    • Leaves his symbol/mark on the ceiling.
  • Everyone runs to the room where the Effulgent one is being held.
    • the passage is full of cobwebs inhabited by tiny white spiders.
    • they crawl all over everyone.
    • Feng uses his fire breath to clear a path.
  • Noza Oda’s room is coved in so many spider webs that the interior of the room can not be seen.
    • the webs are cut through.
    • Noza Oda is in the middle of the room.
      • it looks as if she prevented herself from being covered by webs by casting something like a force bubble around herself.
      • she is visibly shaken
  • She informs them that Anansi was there and she was unable to stop him from leaving with Nessisus.
    • There is a similar mark on the ceiling.
  • Everyone returns to the audience chamber.
  • Chalazias asks for the Effulgent One’s guidance in using the Cintamani.
    • Lyr is unsure of this but Noza Oda reassures her that the favored soul that they create would only strengthen Samsara when it returns.
  • Noza Oda and Chalazias sit in the middle of the room and focus on the Cintamani.
    • Everyone else stays out of their way.
      • Still getting rid of the spiders that are on them.
      • Feng eats the spiders.
      • Sehera plays with Pringle.
    • After half an hour or more something beings to happen.
    • The Cintamani glowed brightly.
    • When the light receded an elven woman with long red hair was standing between them.
      • The woman does not say anything but seems to be observing everything.
      • She was bleeding from a wound above her heart.
      • The wound is healed by Noza Oda.
      • Syla gives the woman a cloak to wear.
      • Chalazias looks a little misty eyed.
  • Chalazias thanks the party for their assistance.
    • Invites them to rest and spend the night as his guests.
  • Hasan and Lyr are in a huge rush to leave, so they decline on behalf of everyone.
  • Syla is going to stay and help guide the favored soul.
    • According to her she failed at being a mother once, but she does not intend to fail again.
  • On the deck of the ship the portal to Al-Mhuqtebel is opened.
Session 58
Place Holder Outline

Session 58

The next day (still on the back of the Zaratan)

  • Hasan and Dendera isolate themselves for the day and have a more civilized discussion about Hasan taking the ring.
  • Sehera throws her iron shoes in the ocean, and enlists Feng’s help to find out more about the ring.
  • Lyr and the Beegowh talk and Lyr finds out a few things.
    • The Beegowh refers to the symbol of the eye surrounded by wings as Maalik.
    • Maalik possessed great wisdom but retreated to the “Red Lands” long ago.
    • The “Red Lands” may also be the Ruby Mountain.
    • Maalik may have been Bahamut.
  • Feng figures out how to cook the “seagulls”, no one else partakes.
    • More for Feng.
  • In the afternoon Sehera and Feng seek out Hasan.
    • Sehera apologizes for yelling at him.
      • Makes it known she is still dipleased.
      • Pringle is not an object that can just be taken to suit someone’s needs nor does Hasan have any claim or right to him.
      • She will not let him intentionally use the ring.
      • Hasan confirms that he does not want to use the ring.
  • Feng, helps to investigate the ring and try to figure out how it works.
    • The ring is magical but not sure how.
    • Will not come off Hasan’s finger.
    • Every time Sehera touches the ring it turns to leathery skin.
      • Might be the flayed skin of Pringle, or a relative… gross.
    • When Sehera is touching the ring it seems to be more susceptible to spells.
  • Feng casts dispel on the ring.
  • Hasan yanks the ring off his finger and tosses it away from him.
    • Sehera uses one of Indira’s arrows to pick it up.
    • She taps the ring, it turns to flesh and adheres to the tip of her finger.
      • Sehera pulls her finger away but leaves behind a layer of skin.
    • Hasan has a greyish black mark on his finger where the ring was.
  • It is agreed that the ring should be held by Lyr for safe keeping.
    • triple bagged.

A day later:

  • The mark on Hasan’s finger is growing.
  • After much deliberation the idea of cutting Hasan’s finger off is brought up.
  • Lyr offers to regrow the finger if it is removed.
    • Hasan agrees.
  • Hasan is drugged, his finger is cut off, and a new one is promptly grown.
    • A few moments after it is removed his finger turns black and then dissolves in to rust flakes.

Over the next five days:

  • Lyr tries to send a message (via the sending spell) to the Effulgent One but is not successful.
  • She tries to send one to Nessisus instead.
    • Through a very round about back and forth Lyr learns:
      • Both Nessisus and Effulgent one are being well cared for.
      • Umaran has been sneaking around and putting some kind of oil on the Effulgent One and Nessisus’ faces while they are sleeping.
    • Lyr tells Nessisus to make they keep their faces clean.
  • The party debates how to get the Effulgent One back and prevent Chalazias from creating a disaster by raising the long dead.
  • Feng comes up with several elaborate heist plans.
    • At some point models are built and partial maps are made.
    • The others are concerned about the success of these plans because the party does not know enough about were they are going or what they will encounter.
  • Syla suggests convincing Chalazias to alter his plan by using the Cintamani to create a Favored Soul. Who, with the help of the saramite, would be powerful enough to resurrect all of those that fell in the battle.
    • The long dead could not be brought back by using the Cintamani. It would just create new people based on the memories of whoever was using it. Their personalities would only be based on what the other person remembered of them and they would have no memories except for the ones they shared with the user of the Cintamani.
  • The party agrees to try Syla’s plan of appealing to Chalazias’ better nature first.
    • Portions of Feng’s heist plans become the back up plan if they fail.

Rendezvous point is reached.

  • When the pirate ship is spotted Feng turns himself into a large seabird.
  • The pirate ship that was sent to meet the party is a little surprised to find an island waiting for them.
  • The party boards the boat except for Feng who follows in bird form.
    • The party is brought below deck and kept out of sight of any windows.
    • Feng has some fun messing with one of the sailors.
  • A day passes on the ship.
  • In the morning Feng observes one of the sailors using a sextant even though it is overcast and daytime.
    • The ship adjusts course and sails through some kind of barrier.
    • Suddenly the ship is in the midst of Chalazias’ fleet, which was not visible moments before.
  • The party is brought on deck and transferred to the Sidero Lykos.
    • Feng remains in seabird form and lands on the deck of the ship while the rest of the party is escorted to the audience chamber.
      • Feng transforms into a deckhand and tries to blend in.
      • He gets yelled for missing a spot mopping up but otherwise avoids detection.
  • The party is led through the ship by Danfyre, a black scale Lizardfolk and Bosun of the Sidero Lykos
    • Also in the escort is Nethkan.
      • He is more than a little creepy and has been hanging out with Nessisus.
      • Danfyre refers to him as “The Fool” but indicates that he is not someone you want to encounter in a fight.
  • When the party enters the audience chamber Pringle starts to whine and hides behind Chalazias’ throne in fear.
    • He seems to converse with Pringle for a moment and then demands to know what we have brought on board that is upsetting the wolf.
      • Sehera, as concisely as possible, tells the whole story about the ring.
        • Makes it clear that they had no intention of using it but brought it with them because it seemed like something that would come back at the wrong time with horrible results, if they threw it away.
        • Offers to hand it over, but warns about it being clingy.
    • Chalazias has Danfyre take the ring from Lyr.
      **They will have it destroyed.
  • Chalazias asks if the party has brought him the Philosopher’s Stone.
    • Party explains that the Philosopher’s stone is not a thing but a formula and for that you need the nameless philosopher’s skull.
      • Makes the additional point that Umaran Comashio should have known that seeing as how he had a hand in the nameless philosopher’s demise.
    • The party presents the Cintamani as an alternative along with the alteration to his original plan.
      • Umaran insists that the original plan will work.
      • Party disagrees & accuses Umaran of using Chalazias.
        • He says he is aware that Umaran is shady.
      • Chalazias wants proof of the Cintamani’s power.
      • Syla suggests he use the Cintamani to create a favored soul right now, if Umaran is telling the truth than there will still be enough power for the original plan to work and they loose nothing. If Umaran is wrong/lying then they still have a way of bringing back those who fall in the battle.
    • Chalazias agrees to try Syla’s suggestion and asks for the Cintamani.
      • Lyr is very reluctant to part with it.
      • Sehera offers to take it from her so that Lyr is not the one who handed it over. Lyr yields and give it to her.
  • The Cintamani is given to Chalazias.
    • Umaran seems rather unconfortable about this.
    • He attempts to get it away from Chalazias.
      • Chalazias tells him not to be fooled by his calm demeanor and back the hell up.
  • While Chalazias is focusing on the Cintamni, Umaran pulls out a vial of something and drinks it.
    • A greenish glow appears over his heart, looks like a fairy fire outline of a beating heart.
      • Reveals that if his heart stops all of the the saramite stored in the hold will explode.
      • Then he transforms into a Death Giant.
    • Members of the crew start to transform into dust wights.
      • Its not pleasant.
  • The ring Danfyre is holding opens up a portal and out pops Ashaphael.
    • He’s not happy with Hasan.
Session 57
Place Holder Outline

Fight With Siúlóir

  • Siúlóir is accompanied by several undead redcaps, and a death reaver.
    • Death reaver: gorilla like body, had two tongues and two axes, the tongues wrapped around its arms and were licking the gore off its axes. It feeds off or gains power by consuming the undead redcaps.
  • Siúlóir immediately throws up a wall of blades and then uses something to send Hasan, Dendera, and Sehera in to a blind rage.
    • Dendera and Hasan attack each other.
    • Sehera attacks Siúlóir.
  • Syla goes after the Death Reaver.
  • Indira discovers that any arrow she shoots at Siúlóir is deflected back at her.
    • Helps Syla with the Death Reaver instead.
    • They bring it down.
  • Lyr and Feng take down the undead.
    • Feng is annoyed by Siúlóir’s spell resistance.
  • Lyr keeps Hasan, Dendera, and Sehera from dying but can not stop them from raging.
    • Uses calm emotions on Hasan and Dendera to suppress their rage, while Indira ties them up to keep them from doing further damage.
  • Something splashes out of a pool in the room but nothing is seen.
  • A few moments later Sehera is bit by something invisible.
    • This cancels the rage effect and makes her immune to any further attempts by Siúlóir to send her back into a rage.
  • Siúlóir address the invisible new comer as the King of the Fomorians.
    • While mocking him Siúlóir reveals that the king was over thrown and cursed to be in his current state.
    • The party realizes that this is non other than Mr. White.
  • With Sehera able to use her fighting abilities and more healing from Lyr. The party defeats Siúlóir.

Aftermath of the fight

  • The Beegowh is released.
    • Lyr converses with it and asks for its help with the Zaratan.
    • The Beegowh agrees to help. It uses some kind of call to communicate the working of the portals to the other Qu’ah Qi in Tir Na Nog.
  • Sehera wanders off and is found sitting on the floor, exhausted, and surrounded by small owls.
    • She inquires after Mion, but he has not been found.
  • The Party returns to the back of the Zaratan.
  • The Beegowh is taken to the head of the Zaratan and begins to speak to it.
    • The party can not hear what is being said but the Zaratan seems cranky at first and then suddenly makes a somewhat panicked noise and beings to move forward at good pace.
    • The Beegowh admits to Lyr that he may have not done the best job of explaining things but the Zaratan will take us to the appointed meeting spot.
      • Apparently he told the Zaratan that Chalizias’ plan would result in the all the fish he ever ate coming back to life and haunting him.
  • Hasan starts to leave the group and head off alone.
    • Dendera follows him and begins berating him for taking the ring.
      • She is mad because he has taken on additional quests when he now has a family to think of.
    • Sehera also starts yelling at him for taking the ring.
      • She is mad because Pringle is not just an object he can give away.
Session 56

September 1, Tír Na Nóg

It is hard to know what time it is, but we were all weary from the events of the day, particularly the rain. Unfortunately, no rest was to be found in the presence of the Hell Forge. Indira and Sehera left the cave to explore the area, while the rest of us stayed put. Eventually Lyr finished speaking with the creatures—evidently they mistook her for someone else, the individual responsible for freeing their charge—and, since we had not heard from them in hours, sent a message to Sehera.

They had found another cave, home to some comparatively friendly creatures called Fomorians, and we joined them. These strange, malformed (to our eyes at least) beings were put off by our numbers and weapons, but gracious enough to let us stay in their cave for a few hours.

Sehera and Indira left again to explore another spot they had found. I think she Sehera is mad at me. She hasn’t said anything, but she’s not been exactly subtle. Dendera too has done little but glare at me for the past few hours. If they want to be angry at me for following the only path open to us, so be it.

September 2

By the time we awoke from our rest, Indira and Sehera had returned. They had found another enclave of fey folk, small creatures called Lilliputians. (We had seen one earlier, when we arrived; Mr. Buckle punted it away like a ball before we had a chance to speak with it.) These little fellows were no mere huddled refugees, but a revolutionary cell, waiting for their time to strike Siúlóir. Seeing potential allies in Indira and Sehera, they gave them a talisman with which to summon their aid and some delicious crumpets.

We returned to the cave of the guardian creatures and found our shoes ready. They fit, though are somewhat difficult to move in. We carried them in my bag of holding until we reached the Bród Neamh.

Indira sniped a redcap standing guard, levitated up to the tower, tied off a rope, and the rest of us climbed up. With the iron shoes on our feet, we found we could walk on the walls and ceiling as easily as the floor, with whichever surface we stood on becoming the new direction of gravity, provided one foot was in contact with the surface. Jumping from a wall would send us crashing to the ceiling. Floor? It’s all very disorienting.

We proceeded up the spiraling central stairway, from the top of the tower which was now the bottom towards the bottom of the tower, which is now the top.

In iron shoes, stealth was never an option, our clanging footsteps echoing through the tower. Eventually, the redcaps in the tower heard us and started hurling invectives, then rocks and filth at us. After Dendera was struck, nearly knocking her from the stairs, we took a detour into one of the floors and stumbled across a room containing a statue, holding an extravagant scabbard. It was obviously trapped, but easily disarmed, so we took the item. We also found a parchment; while marked with illegible text, it was obviously a simplified map of the tower. Some interesting symbols caught our eyes, and we resolved to check on those rooms.

Instead of returning to the central stair, we decided to try walking on the outside of the tower. The boots still worked on the exterior, but as we ascended we began to hear a rumbling, something coming closer from around the girth of the tower. As the rumbling came close, we went back inside and ascended the stairs some more, walking upside down to keep the redcaps from hitting us with their various projectiles.

We heard them clamoring to bring something that would foil our clever and entirely anticipated tactic, a large pearlescent ooze they dropped onto the stairs from a cauldron. It spread, engulfing both sides of the stairs, and began to roll towards us. When it was nearly upon us, we darted into one of the floors, the ooze close behind us. The others ran as fast as they could up the tower, but I lingered, a plan forming.

The rumbling of what we reasoned to be the tower’s external security features growing louder, I lured the ooze along with me, keeping out of its reach. Two massive stone faces rounded the tower, tongues or arms stretching from their mouths with grasping hands.

I held my pace until all three foes were upon me, dodging their grasping attacks until, with a feint, I redirected the ooze’s slapping pseudopods to the face. I dashed back, into a window as the stone faces converged not on me, but on the ooze.

I caught up with my companions, who had discovered one of the landmarks from the map, a room containing murals and a stone device like the one that brought us here.

Distressingly, one of the murals depicted a scene resembling the same prophecy we found in Zarjasz al-Ulaq.

We figured out how to activate the device and found it sent us to another room in the tower. Unfortunately, this room was off the barracks of the redcaps. Through open doors, we saw them gathered at the staircase, waiting for us to show ourselves again. There were far to many for us to fight on our own.

Taking off our shoes, we tried to sneak past, to get to a window, but did not notice a redcap hiding in the shadows. Before Feng slew him, he was able to get off a warning, and the redcaps began to pour in.

Remembering her new allies, Sehera summoned the Lilliputians, who arrived within seconds in the form of owls. Though the redcaps were larger and stronger, the Lilliputians had numbers in their favor, and gave us a window to continue on.

We found our way to a large chamber, a great hall or the like. Here, Siúlóir waited, magnificent and terrible…

Session 55

September 1, Tír Na Nóg

After getting Indira from the other side of the portal, we began a trek to the tower. Mister White assured us we should have little trouble finding some redcaps. Unfortunately, on our trip, it began to rain, torrential, cold rain coming up from the ground, reaching a certain height, and falling back down, soaking us from both sides. Yet again, I was glad to have purchased that cloak before our journey into the desert, though even its protective magic only helped so much from being soaked.

I have rarely seen Feng more miserable than he was in that up-and-downpour.

As we neared the tower, we spotted a group of running figures, about the size of a robust halfling, a band of redcaps. They were headed at speed back to the tower, and we gave chase for quite a while. Unfortunately we were unable to stop them. But that party was not the only, for we could see in the distance other raiding parties, returning to the tower.

We put ourselves between a group and the tower and soon were engaged in combat. The redcaps were brutal combatants, strong and unnaturally tough. But, though the battle was long, they were not a match for us. We slew them, chasing down the few who tried to run, and took their shoes.

We returned to Mister Buckle’s cave, or rather we attempted to. We found ourselves instead confronted by three strange, toothy monstrosities who lingered at the edge of our light. They spoke cryptically, but they offered to assist us, that they would summon the Hell Forge. In return, they only wished to speak to Lyr, who acquiesced under the condition that what they would speak of would be Pelor. This seemed to both confuse and please the creatures.

And so, they went aside with Lyr and, for the rest of us, summoned the Hell Forge.

The name of this entity proved to be entirely accurate, for the Hell Forge was a demon of fire and iron. It would make the iron shoes for us, but demanded a service in return, the return of the “Lodestone,” which we knew of as Chalazias’ magic beast, Pringle.

Over Sehera’s objections, I agreed to his terms. I am sure paying this price will bring us pain. I am also sure that not paying it will bring us greater pain; Chalazias does not need us to return to proceed with his plans, but only by returning can we hope to stop a war, and perhaps a greater atrocity. Not to mention the beegowh, imprisoned by Siúlóir, or our shipmates, marooned on the back of the Zaratan.

The Ordo Clavis, The Black Phoenix, Chalazias, Asha Druj, the Hell Forge, I grow weary of these deals and truces with devils.


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