Scabbard of Lethal Precision

An Enchanted Scabbard

weapon (melee)

CL 11
Aura: divination
Activation: use
Weight 1 lb

A piercing melee weapon stored in this scabbard becomes charged with divination magic. When a wielder draws this weapon, his first melee attack with this weapon is made as a touch attack. The magical charge is expended whether the attack succeeds or not and can only be recharged by sheathing the blade again.


Nesr’s scabbard, given to Hasan as a gift by Dendera Seth, if made of high-quality black leather and has a throat and chape of silver, arranged with small diamonds. A sword drawn from this scabbard hums with energy, mystical vibrations that sharpens the wielder’s focus, revealing weaknesses in an opponent’s armor.

Scabbard of Lethal Precision

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