Ruby Cincture of Immutability


Body Slot: Waist
Caster Level: 11th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) abjuration
Activation: Immediate (command)
°Weight:* —

Wearing a ruby cincture of immutability provides you with a safeguard against attacks that change your form. Once per day, you can instantly counter any effect that would significantly change your bodily form or composition. Effects that the sash protects against include polymorph, petrification, disintegration, and transformative effects such as the touch of an aboleth’s tentacle or a chaos beast’s attack.


This sumptuous red silk sash is feather-light. It is set with a large ruby cabochon surrounded by an embroidered silver circle.

Found on the lich of Bennura, it is currently worn by Lyr.

Ruby Cincture of Immutability

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