Philosopher's Stone

A Legendary Artifact


A legendary formula. An artifact of great power. The crystallized essence of a god. A mathematical allegory. Whatever it is, the Philosopher’s Stone is ideal of all alchemists.

According to Dendera Seth, it can be used to manufacture Al-Iksir, a compound said to bring out the maximum potential of whatever it is applied to. Her organization, Al Haddid Jalut, believes that it is hidden in Zarjasz Al-Ulaq.

It bears many similarities to the Cintamani, and the two artifacts may be one and the same.

The Party eventually learned that the Philosopher’s Stone is not a physical object but a metaphor for the platonic ideals of reality. If known, it can be used to create things such as the Al-Iksir, but it should, by its nature, be unknowable to mortals. The variables in the formula include entropic constants that can never be accurately described. Indeed, the formula seems to change simply by observation and description, rendering even momentary progress futile. However, The Nameless Philosopher, due to his unique nature and—according to him, meeting Bahamut—was able to understand this formula and create the Al-Iksir.

Using the information extracted from their mentor, Renweld Fefnir and Umaran Comashio were able to create an Al-Iksir, but the act of doing so changed certain cosmic variables, ensuring that the same method cannot be used again.

The Party obtained the head of The Nameless Philosopher, in Zarjasz Al-Ulaq. The Nameless Philosopher’s intelligence has been preserved within—along with his abrasive personality—making it equivalent to the “stone” in the spirit of The Contract.

In his current state, The Nameless Philosopher is bound to answer all questions truthfully, though he delights in making his answers as obtuse as possible, often responding in riddles or rambling diatribes. Efarmostis Berit agreed with The Party’s conclusion that the skull was a suitable solution to The Contract even before the other parties understood what had been found. With his arbitration and a demonstration of The Nameless Philosopher’s knowledge, they have accepted this as well.

Sisi Laracroix is contractually obligated to use the skull first, and will enlist Barlan Lestoue to tap it for the secrets of Al-Iksir. When Sisi is finished, the skull will be passed to Al Haddid Jalut.

Philosopher's Stone

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