Khatam Mahib Ghaza

The Ring of Conquered Flame


Body Slot: Ring
Aura: unknown
Activation: Standard
Weight: —

This ring binds a genie, who can grant three wishes before exhausting its power.

The three wishes have now been used, exhausting the ring’s power. It is not yet known if the ring has any additional benefit—such as having the potential to bind yet another genie—or if it is now simply a shiny piece of jewelry.


A beautifully crafted, blueish band mounted with three small, red crystals that radiate faint warmth.

Won by Hasan al-Husam at the Deep Water Court in Sefet. This ring is considered a great treasure of House al-Maeh.

It contains a bound Efreeti, Hashtaram. How and why this being became trapped in this ring is unknown, as The Party has not yet attempted to communicate with it.

Dendera Seth wants the ring quite badly and is willing to assist The Party in their efforts in Sefet in return for it, provided it still has at least two charges remaining by the time she gets her hands on it.

In Session 30 Hasan used the ring to allow himself to use the Tenrashinban, then gave it to Dendera with two wishes, as agreed.

In Session 44, Dendera agreed in The Contract to use the Khatam Mahib Ghaza to make the following wishes, in the following wording:

“I wish for Zarjasz Al-Ulaq to safely arise to its normal position at ground level.”

Followed immediately by:

“I wish for Zarjasz Al-Ulaq to remain safely accessible at ground level to all who wish to enter it.”

In Session 45, these wishes were successfully fulfilled—though Hashtaram’s definition of “safely arise” was left wanting. The now freed genie would not, however, unlock the fortress, and so Asha Druj used her own magic ring to forcefully grant a wish of her own, annihilating Hashtaram in the process. The exhausted ring remains in Dendera Seth’s possession at present.

Khatam Mahib Ghaza

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