Key Disc

The Key to Al-Mhuqtebel


When Seb Rashidi’s key/control rod to Al-Mhuqtebel was combined with a spell weaver’s chromatic disk, the two fused, becoming more than the sum of its parts.

It can be used to access Al-Mhuqtebel from any location; when used, it can optionally establish a permanent link, allowing a return gateway to be created. Only a limited number of these permanent connections can be made.

A back-up key has been made, which can open any permanent connections.

Connected Locations

• The house of Adil al-Khayrat
• The tower of The Great Library of Akkarid, now destroyed and in midair.
• The former location of the powder magazine in the Ushtarak camp.
• In the Sheel Khali Desert, where Zarjasz Al-Ulaq was forced to the surface. Currently eighty feet in the air above a deep pit. Time and drifting sand will fill the hole but, for now, watch your step.
• Outside of Hazred.

Key Disc

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