Glass Artifact

A Cut-Glass tube with Golden caps, filled with an effulgent vapor...


A mysterious object of unknown make and purpose. It was thrust into the grasp of the PCs during a terrible calamity that erupted in the city of Sefet. It appears to be a 12-sided cut-glass tube measuring about 16" long and 4" in diameter. It is capped on either end with ornate golden seals, and filled with an ethereal and iridescent thin white vapor. There appears to have been a twin Artifact of identical design, save for it’s body seemed to have been constructed of pure onyx and its seals made of silver. This Onyx Artifact was shattered by the slapping tail of a blue dragon.

This seems to have caused the PCs to awaken in the Grand Bazaar of Sefet with Lydra Geb, completely untouched by the violence they experienced only moments ago. Furthermore, the Artifact has thus far reacted to two individuals: Lydra and Ramal. Each time the object seems to cause the bearer to experience a slight magnetic-like pull toward the individual. If grasped by the person in question, the vapor inside begins to glow with an intense effulgence, swirling and etching mysterious runes onto the inner surface of the object.

When Ramal grasped the object, an additional effect was rendered: The land around them seemed to upend and close in upon itself, and all those in the vicinity turned into columns of white light…

Glass Artifact

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