Bracelet of Beauty

A Bracelet that Enhances the Wearer's Beatuy


+2 CHA
1/day, up to 10 creatures within 30 feet of the wearer become so entranced by the wearer’s graces that they are treated as if a slow spell was cast upon them by a 10th lvl sorcerer. The Save DC is Cha-based.


The Bracelet appears at first to be more shackle than jewelry, unadorned, old and uncomfortable-looking to wear. However, once donned, it’s magical glamour tricks the senses to view it as a finely crafted work of art; the perfect accessory to compliment any garment. It’s magic seems to extend in subtle ways to the wearer as well, enhancing their own natural charms. Once per day, the bracelet can release a store of its glamour to infuse the wearer with such majesty as to daze any unwary onlookers.

Bracelet of Beauty

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