The Guardian of Zarjasz al-Ulaq

Guardian of the Lost Temple


An automation consisting of a stone-like statue with six wings colored in vivid detail, each matching the patterns of a Holy Mushussu. At the center is an unblinking eye that has the ability to fire rays of disintegration. No weapon thus far has proven successful against it. It is powered by one third of Bennura’s soul, his aspect of courage.

It is utterly relentless, lacking in mercy or fear, and ruthlessly pursues intruders to Zarjasz Al-Ulaq. It is unknown if it was intended to be this brutal, and the absence of Cashara may have contributed to it becoming as aggressive as it has.

It is theoretically indestructible and can only be defeated by destroying The Dread Reliquary. Even Asha Druj’s party was no match for it, escaping it only with casualties. Mudu, Bennura’s rationality, has advised that it be avoided at all costs. However, as the only floor upon which it holds no sway is the fifth, the expedition must address the problem of the Guardian if they want to leave the fortress temple alive. Mudu has cautioned that it might even be able to interfere with magical escape attempts.

The Guardian is a fearsome combatant alone, and can summon dragons to aid it.

The Guardian of Zarjasz al-Ulaq

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