The Burned Crow

The Former Master of The Black Phoenix Syndicate


The founder and previous leader of the Black Phoenix Syndicate, he had a powerful lust for Feng’s “destiny,” to the point where he not only had The Party followed, but his foot soldiers crossed blades with them on several occasions. His ruthlessness extended to the friends and family of Hasan al-Husam, whom he executed without mercy or remorse. He is also likely the origin of the fire that destroyed Ban Xira and many innocent travelers that dwelt within.

His goal was simple: convince the unwilling Feng to offer up his destiny. He would use fear, coercion, and violence to draw out the Fireborn by striking at his companions, their families, and all those who would aid them.

It is said that he was once like Feng and had sought Ruby Mountain but, in his ambition, traveled there before he was ready. His resultant state, a black and twisted shadow of his former self, was the price of his hubris.

His violent madness and single-minded obsession with regaining his lost destiny cost him the support of his most powerful follower and ultimately lead to his defeat at the hands of The Party within the stronghold of The Cobalt Crown.

The Burned Crow

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