Sartaj Bharatra

A cleric of the Order of the Silver Sun


First encountered in the camp of Samanya Dinesh Jayendra in Session 05. Sartaj is a member of the Order of the Silver Sun, tasked to hunt the fugitive Maqsood Musaru. The Party—particularly Indiria…—enjoyed a night of revelry with him in the camp before entering the abandoned Tamba Khoya mine.

He was “collected” along with his quarry by the Glass Artifact before he could complete his mission, leaving his initially warm relationship with The Party on shaky ground…

When encountered again in Session 07, he agreed to put his mission on hold until reaching safety. In Session 08, he left Akkarid in the company of Cressida Shesel on a journey across the Sheel Khali Desert. He intends to report his experiences to the Order and to find his sister, Noor Bharatra.

However, he never made it through the desert and The Party eventually learned that he had been forced to turn back to Akkarid.

Sartaj Bharatra

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