Rana Tutwaiaf Al-Ghalan


An Anari of the Khen-she’ahb Al-ith’mar tribe, Rana left Mazooz along with his tribe as The Party arrived but, drawn visions of Orod Al-Carad and, perhaps, the rubies the party carried with them, he returned and was trapped within the walls when the Septicemic Plague locked the city into quarantine and panic.

He was arrested and later questioned by the party. He revealed that his tribe—stopping in the city to trade—sensed a fuin, a miasma around the city which prompted their quick exit.

He had a vision of the Ruby Mountain once before, over two hundred years ago.

Rana assisted Sehera Tarzi in destroying the Plague Staff.

Rana later united with The Party and assisted them in weathering the attack of Arsalan El-Chalen Al-Velom, then accompanied them further. He revealed that his family, his wife Shesel Arnvara and his children Kashin and Raelia were murdered by his brother, Arsalan.

Arsalan claims to have committed this atrocity so to teach Rana the folly of Al-Carad Anar’s intolerance of outsiders. Arsalan claims that the true God (himself) would be far more forgiving if he chose to worship him. In a twisted way, he was right, as his wife and children were considered Fifira in Anari culture, and thus second-class citizens.

Curiously, Cressida’s mother may have been the Shesel Arnvara of her world.

Rana Tutwaiaf Al-Ghalan

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