A Phoelarch warrior


Ramal is a powerfully built man of above average height. His largely Human physique is interrupted by pinions of scarlet and orange, tipped in blue and white that crest the top of his head and sprout down along his neck and shoulders. His skin is a deep red, fading to an orange-yellow at his torso. His piercing eyes are the color of honey reflecting the sun. At the end of each finger, he has an obsidian-sharp black talon, like an eagle.

He later revealed that he is a Phoelarch, a humanoid race said to be descended from the legendary Phoenix.

He was found within the city of Sefet, where he was first observed fighting in a great calamity against the armies of a Blue Dragon. He was later encountered in a derelict building, ambushing the Agents of the Cobalt Crown, who were apparently attempting to ambush him before the arrival of the PCs. The Glass Artifact in the possession of the PCs reacted to him, and he appears to be a trusted ally of the woman known as Lydra. While he and the Lydra who were collected were from different universes, it does not seem to have significantly impacted their relationship, save for the fact that the Lydra he knew had died.

His remarkable eyes, and those of Lydra, were caused by an unknown reaction at the time of their first meeting.

When The Party returned to Sefet, they discovered that he and Lydra had been captured by The Cobalt Crown. He was being forced to compete in tournaments until he was beaten by Hasan, then rescued by the rest of The Party.

He assisted them in investigating Igneen Faheed and in seeking a method of infiltrating the Cobalt Crown’s lair; after they rescued Lydra and imprisoned Azu-Makeen in the Tenrashinban, he and Lydra escaped to Akkarid using the Warp Ring.


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