Minor NPCs

Sundry individuals encountered by The Party without significant event


This page is intended to document minor, named NPCs whom The Party has met and talked to, but have not significantly impacted their journey. This list may also include named henchmen and other minor antagonists. In the event that these individuals return to the story at a future point, they should be removed from this page and given their own (ensure that links in the Adventure Log and other wiki pages are updated).


Session 01.

Batou — A barbarian servant of Azu-Makeen. Batou-1 fought The Party and Lydra Geb in Sefet alongside Tu Fan Zui and was killed. Batou-Prime was later encountered in the service of Igneen Faheed and killed yet again.

Session 11.


IshaAncillae bodyguard of Mehmet Aurelius, who seems to be able to detect spell casters, and dislikes them.

The Caravan

The Party encountered a caravan on their first day of travel outside of Akkarid, made of fellow travelers bound towards Sefet. Beyond Kurgu Enusat and Bashaa Bheretina, their numbers included…

Gemeti Galshu – A formerly wealthy middle-aged widow who lost most of her fortune when her husband died. She is now “slumming it” and returning to he wealthy brother’s estate in Sefet. She struck up an extensive conversation with Indira Ére.

Xiao & Wei-Gen Fai – An old married couple from Mozi-Xu returning to Sefet after attending their daughter’s wedding to a mid-level city official in Akkarid. They were quite intrigued by Feng.

Kyona Vaskynos – A Milesian high-priced prostitute who is leaving Akkarid because of a complicated political scandal.

Buccalsan – A eunuch from Hazred, bodyguard of Kyona.

Session 12.

Gat — A sun giant who fought and was defeated by The Party.

Session 13.

Bahija Al-Aziz — Wife of Ayman Al-Aziz. Struck ill by the Septicemic Plague, though she and her husband survived thanks to the intervention of the party.

Amat Kadeer — Captain of the Delishea Djieda. Imprisoned on suspicion of being a vector for the Septicemic Plague. He survived the plague and took The Party aboard.

Session 16.

The Waving Man – A Harukan bounty hunter who pursued Indira, hired by Norio Hokoru to track down Indira and return her to him using a lamp enchanted with sinister magics. Eventually slain in Sefet in Session 28. Legend has it he was once a famed actor in Tengai, but suffered an unspeakable tragedy that caused him to grieve until his body was wreathed in shadow, turning his soul toward the path of evil.

Session 17.

Isik Hiriz – A Daricassan Monk of questionable character the Party chased to the gates of Sefet after seeing him trying to purchase child slaves. He was later seen (and named) at the Deep Water Court speaking with Festiz ibn-Hazool. He was later encountered and killed during Session 29 when he confronted the party with a host of city guard and a bound Air Elemental. He claimed to be an officer of the city guard of Sefet, and was looking to arrest Feng, Ramal, and Hasan al-Husam for the murder of Festiz ibn-Hazool. This implies that he may have been undercover when encountered by the party earlier with the slavers, or was simply a scoundrel who hid criminal behavior behind his station as an officer of the law.

Session 18.

Maram Maah-Adwuld – An old flame of Hasan. After he parted ways with her, her ship was attacked by the pirate Chalazias. She was rescued by Noza Oda and found herself in Sefet. She was working in a brothel to pay off her debts when The Party encountered her, debts which Hasan paid off. He refereed to the estate of some distant relatives for employment. She was later killed by the Black Phoenix Syndicate.

Puzur Ubar – Proprietor of the Al Ghemd brothel in Sefet.

Shenkogan – Grandfather of Khegan, original owner of the Karabelataniec. Died during Ghigam Ducral with Khegan.

Session 19.

Jaleed al-Maeh – Head of House al-Maeh, one of The Seven Houses of Coin in Sefet. House al-Maeh specalizes in the trade of raw materials such as lumber and iron ore. However, it is said that Jaleed has his hand in criminal affairs as well, namely underground pit fights. Owner and MC of the Deep Water Court.

Yasheen Anok – (Historical figure.) The so-called “Pacifist-conqueror.” Was said to have ended the cold war between Itwaar and Raqaejah during the end of the Surya Period.

Session 20.

Bishoy – Custodian Of The Ring at the Deep Water Court.

Husk – A formerly human, probably undead warrior, defeated and dissipated by Hasan al-Husam in the tournament at the Deep Water Court.

Session 21.

Dawn al-Quin Feedrayhl – A merchant lord who Nessisus performed for.

Izayakaku – A Ronin that Hassan fought and apparently killed. His second was a dog.

Sohail Ghia al-Maeh – A butch Water Genasi woman met at the Deep Water Court. She is the sister of Jaleed al-Maeh.

Session 22.

Aliya al-Maeh – Intoxicatingly lovely Water Genasi. Younger sister of Sohail Ghia & Jaleed.

Asha Druj – A member of the Ordo Clavis (or possibly a splinter group thereof) who made a clandestine arrangement with the Cobalt Crown. Her group may be responsible for the creation of the Glass & Onyx Artifacts.

Session 25.

Abd al-Nur – Member of the al-Saab family of Sefet and second cousin, once removed to Hasan al-Husam. He was killed by the Black Phoenix Syndicate.

Saffron – A beautiful and composed young woman who was among the prisoners rescued from Igneen Faheed. She was given money by The Party and told to leave Sefet as soon as possible.

Session 26.

Thana al-Saab – Matriarch of the al-Saab family of Sefet.

Hashtaram – An Efreeti trapped in the Khatam Mahib Ghaza.

Yhe’Ghutholsin – Being that replaced Igneen Faheed three years ago, self proclaimed Herald of The Grey Face of Yuggoloth.

Sheek’lieel – Being that replaced Ameen Makara three years ago.

Hthee’Behlcuths – Contact of Yhe’Ghutholsin, located in Mozi-Xu.

Taja – High-ranking turncoat in The Cobalt Crown. Loyal to The Grey Face.

Kong Day Li – High-ranking turncoat in the Black Phoenix Syndicate. Initially, he was thought to be loyal to The Grey Face. later, it was revealed that he was plotting to end the rein of the The Burned Crow. His machinations installed his preferred leader, Sheng Ying as the head of the Black Phoenix Syndicate with unwitting help from the Party.

Shogun Norio Hokoru – Original owner of the Tenrashinban.

Session 32.

Asim Maah-Adwuld – Maram’s father, captain of The Batta. Rescued by the party.

Tsai – A kenku, former slaver for the Black Phoenix Syndicate. Rescued by the party from the crew of The Widow’s Blade.

Ano Skobelov – An 83 year old Aasimar Thaumerian war criminal said to be on the run for the last decade. She was one of the founding members of The Blue Lotus, a disbanded state-sponsored guild of spies and assassins responsible for numerous political killings. Chief among them was the regicide of the last true king of Lestoue over 22 years ago. Killed by a crew member of The Widow’s Blade while fleeing.

Session 33.

Murcarth gar’chem – A handsome, freckled Zythu sailor of the Feshtarken tribe, captured by the Company of the Iron Wolf. He and his fellow Zythu were remained to Sehera’s custody.

Pringle – Companion animal to Chalazias, a wolf capable of turning into solid iron. It was stuck in iron form for a decade until Sehera mysteriously revived him.

Madhur – Former companion of Lyr, who died in the attempted rescue of Noza Oda.

Roshan Rukmini – Former companion of Lyr, who died in the attempted rescue of Noza Oda.

The Luminous One – The leader of the Peloric faith in Noheim.

The Radiant One – The leader of the Peloric faith in Amaranthia.

The Shining One – The leader of the Peloric faith in Rastahl.

Session 35.

Juma – The Troll bosun of The Majnoon.

Nanouriza – A crew member of The Widow’s Blade who turned out to be a Rakshasa bounty hunter, seemingly under the employ of Taraka Shodasana.

Session 37.

Mubariz SethDendera’s deceased husband.

Bacarhim Zdadegan – The Arajnord of Al Haddid Jalut.

Qaziliz Zdadegan – The son of the Arajnord of Al Haddid Jalut. Dendera blames him for Mubariz’s death.

Session 38.

Khawiya Shula – Fazia’s mother.

Tanmubil Shula – Fazia’s father. Current head of the Shula Family.

Salih al-Wasim ibn Hatim ibn Hashim al-Hazred – Hasan’s half-brother, youngest son of his father’s first wife. A glamorous professional jouster and ceremonial member of the Royal Guard.

Al-Almzariah – Salih Al-Wasim’s Thoroughbred champion horse. Her name means “Rose wind”. She was killed during the explosion at the tourney ground stables.

Session 40.

Arunar Thandantis – Vizier of Markets in the Great city of Akkarid. A powerful man by reputation at the court of Akkarid, and a known member of the Ordo Clavis.

Heksora Sokarthil – A contact of Dendera Seth within Al Haddid Jalut

Session 43.

Dashkano – Daleel to Keergai’im. He is revealed to be a Doppelganer, the name “Dashkano” is likely a pseudonym, as he referred to his career as the Daleel of the Ushtarak as “such a great role to play.” The Party allowed it to flee.

Kelcarmyn – A Zythu mystic with magical and shape-shifting powers similar to Cressida’s. She demonstrated the ability to transform into a 12-headed Cryohydra. She was killed by The Party, but not before she killed Hasan, who was saved at the last second by Lyr’s magic.

Shesel Arnvara – Milesian High Elf, second wife of Rana Tutwaiaf Al-Ghalan. Mother of his children, Kashin & Raelia, she was raped & murdered by his brother Arsalan El-Chalen Al-Velom. In the Kaf of Soliera-2, Shesel is the name of Cressida’s birth mother, also a Milesian High Elf, and by description likely another version of the same woman.

Kashin – Rana’s son, murdered by Arsalan.

Raelia – Rana’s daughter, murdered by Arsalan.

Session 44.

Teanko – Terashal caravanner responsible for supplying the Ushtarak with supplies during their employment as guardians. Rescued by The Party from a purple worm.

Alophin Laracroix – The teenage son of Lady Laracroix. He has silver hair, faintly pointed ears, and violet eyes that flash red in the sunlight. He seemed strongly interested in Indira.

Karon – An Earth Genasi engineer under the employ of Asha Druj.

Mesharra Sagar Enkara – A companion of Asha Druj. It is suspected to be the bronze-skinned tall figure wearing azure robes with scarlet wings across it’s back seen dining with Asha and the 6 identical women.

Session 47.

Inkhara – Fire Weird, resident of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq and sister of Cashara.

Mokhara – Air Weird, resident of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq and sister of Cashara.

Rekhara – Earth Weird, resident of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq and sister of Cashara.

Session 56.

Mion – A Lilliputian and voice of the Resistance. It is unknown if he survived the battle at Bród Neamh.

Session 58.

Danfyre – Black scale Lizardfolk Bosun of the Sidero Lykos.

Nethkan – “The Fool” of the Sidero Lykos, said to be a fearsome assassin. Killed and replaced by Anansi.

Minor NPCs

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