Marid al-Husam

A Human Swashbuckler


The Soleria Three equivalent to Hasan al-Husam. Collected in Session 03.

He is the son of Hatim al-Jabbar and a woman named Dessere, whose life experience and personality closely mirror Hasan’s. His given name—like Hasan’s—is Hasan al-Husayn. “Marid” was a nickname given to him by Iskandar al-Husam. Marid is of an identical height and build to Hasan, though his skin is a dark brown, an obvious gift of his mother’s Khonomian extraction.

He was met on a desert isle with Janna Rejahl, where he had been marooned for failing to hold his tongue where Hasan-Prime succeeded.

His personality is very close to that of Hasan-Prime, though he seems to be slightly more impulsive and proud, but only slightly. Hasan suspects the difference comes chiefly from their training by Khayyam al-Mahir. Khayyam-3 is a full-blood Anari, where Khayyam-Prime is a Fifira, which, for all the commonalities in sword style, resulted in some significant differences in how and what they were taught about life.

He has an attraction to women with “M” names, and Maisha in particular.

At the time of meeting, it was not revealed if Marid was also trained in the ways of the Warblade; his mastery of the Quickblade Rapier, however, suggests that Khayyam-3 may have, instead, passed on secret elvish sword techniques.

After separating from The Party in Akkarid, he plans on accompanying Maisha and Kiso Mngani to Kohonma. Hasan warned him about Maisha’s temper and wished him luck…

Marid al-Husam

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