Maqsood Musaru

A Terashal Sharpshooter


Once a decorated soldier of Itwaar, Maqsood was resurrected after his death in violation of Samsara, and was thus sentenced to die again by the hands of Sartaj Bharatra.

After betraying Itwaar by siding with Zameeni rebels—and inflicting heavy casualties—he was pursued into Tamba Khoya by The Party and Sartaj during Session 05, where he was ultimately collected rather than slain, much to the consternation of Sartaj.

Maqsood is a Terashal and specializes in his people’s signature weapon, the matchlock rifle. In both Soleria-5 and Soleria-6, he had been partnered with Lazar Al Rakim, a Raqaejahn war mage, though Lazar-5 perished before The Party encountered them. Maqsood-6 was left to his fate in the strange, alien structure deep within the mine at the end of Session 06.

Later rescued by The Party from Al-Mhuqtebel, he plans on returning—along with Lazar and Qessab—to take the structure from the Ordo Clavis.

Maqsood Musaru

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