Lydra Geb

The Shining Sword of Silence


An impressively tall woman with an intimidating physique. She has long dark tresses down to her lower ribs, a tan complexion, and highly expressive eyes the color of honey held in the sunlight. She wears a dusty brown robe that conceals her true armaments through some unknown enchantment. Underneath, she is clad in a set of chromed banded mail with a matching shield. Her armor is polished to a mirror-like finish which is difficult to look upon in the full sunlight. She wields a massive single-edged sword with a straight back and a slightly curved edge in one hand. Etched runes of possible Daricassan origin, run up along the blade, eager to feed upon the magical efforts of her enemies.

Lydra was first discovered fighting against the armies of a blue dragon during the calamity in Sefet’s Grand Bazaar. She was later found pulling the PCs into an alleyway, and making sure they were not harmed. The Glass Artifact reacted to her during this time. She seems to be a close confidant of Ramal. Curiously, Lydra either does not speak, or simply chooses not to.

She was first seen in Soleria Prime and was apparently carried with the PCs to Soleria One, where she was ultimately “collected” along with Ramal.

According to Seb Rashidi, she was one of Ancillae gone rouge.

Her inability to communicate seems to be more than a simple disability, but a curse preventing any sort of communication. The act of drawing a simple symbol takes her tremendous mental, perhaps even physical exertion.

The remarkable appearance of her eyes, and those of Ramal, were caused by an unknown reaction at the time of their first meeting.

Upon separating from The Party in Akkarid, she and Ramal traveled to Sefet to gather intelligence, but she was captured by Azu-Makeen, who plans on creating his own army of Ancillae.

The Party was eventually able to infiltrate the Cobalt Crown’s lair and rescue her; she and Ramal escaped to Akkarid via the Warp Ring.

Lydra Geb

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