Lazar Al Rakim

Daricassan War Mage


A Daricassan Imrebat, a War Mage, who worked with Maqsood Musaru during the lead up to the Spring of Ash.

Lazar-5 was found dead during Session 05 in the bowels of Tamba Khoya.

Lazar-6 found The Party at the outset of Session 06 and accompanied them through their second journey through Tamba Khoya. He was collected by the Glass Artifact.

Later rescued by The Party from Al-Mhuqtebel, he plans on returning—along with Maqsood Musaru and Qessab—to take the structure from the Ordo Clavis.

He was killed and resurrected in Session 10, prompting him to bury his rings in Session 11. He has remained in Akkarid with Maqsood to attempt to come to a greater understanding of what remains of Al-Mhuqtebel.

Lazar Al Rakim

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