Kurgu Enusat

A lusty adventurer


A noble adventurer from Akkarid, Kurgu was encountered by The Party on the Path of Prosperity early in their return journey to Sefet.

He boasted greatly of his adventures around the world and beyond and even claimed to have visited the legendary fortress of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq, thought long lost to the harsh Sands of the Sheel Khali Desert. He also claims to have been to the holy site known as Paro Khalashana before it was infested by the dire magics of the great Lich Terjoy Morak over seventy years ago, despite his apparent youthfulness. On his last journey, he had returned with something that he would have been wise to leave behind…

Not long after attempting to seduce Lyr, he perished when his head voluntarily detached itself from his body.

Kurgu Enusat

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