An honorable warrior of the Ushtarak


A noble-spirited Zythu warrior of the Ushtarak tribe.

Early in their quest, on Soleira Two, The Party first met Khegan. When Sehera Tarzi was challenged by Keergai’im, he gave her his scimitar and allowed her to keep it afterwards.

Back on Soleira Prime, his fate took a much different direction after Keergai’im took control of the tribe. Upon their return to Sefet, he was encountered outside the city, selling swords.

Later, he explained that the sword Sehera carried was the Karabelataniec, a unique, magical weapon, that was still bound to its former wielder, preventing Sehera from accessing its full potential.

Khegan had originally obtained the sword from his grandfather Shenkogan, who he defeated in Ghigam Ducral.

When the party ambushed Content Not Found: festiz-ibn-hazool, he assisted the party (for a fee) by creating a blockade and with the strength of his blades.


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