Khayyam al-Mahir

Neutral-Good Fifira Swashbuckler/Warblade, mentor to Hasan al-Husam


Khayyam al-Mahir ibn Melcindómien al-Alfheim is a rarity, an elderly Swashbuckler. Mentor to Iskandar al-Husam, and later Hasan al-Husam, who sought him out to learn from him the arts of blade and wit. Due to Hasan’s intense dedication, Khayyam also taught him the way of the Warblade, though by the time the two parted ways, Hasan had not yet mastered the basic techniques of the Diamond Mind and White Raven styles.

Khayyam al-Mahir lives a largely hermetic existence in a small oasis village beyond the borders of Hazred. Though age has slowed his reflexes, he remains a great warrior, protecting the village from bandits and desert beasts too fierce for ordinary men to withstand.

His Soleria Three alternate is a full-blooded Anari, who mentored Marid al-Husam.

Khayyam al-Mahir

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